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If Constantinople Falls.

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What the two powers, Germany and Austria, would do in some future Russian advance toward Constantinople remains to be seen. As long as they are not occupied with serious business of their owu they will be at liberty to watch the movenients of their giant rival. Bnt let war break out betweeu Germany and France, and the situation will be changed at once. How easy it will be then for Russia to claim the object of her ambition as a r9ward for support to Germany or even in return for a benevolent neutrality! A precedent for snch a course is to be found in her informiug the powers assernbled in Loudon in 1871 that she considered herself no longer bound by the article in the treaty of Paris which required the neutralization of the Black sea. What Russia would do with her prize when she had secured it is a speculation into which there is little need to enter. That consideration does not trouble the ruinds of those who cast longing eyes upon the glories of the Golden Hom. Russia will not be deterred f rom seeking possession of Constantinople by fears of criticism without or coinplications within her borders. For the one she will still have her diploniacy and for the other her divine mission. If, as the mistress of Constantinople, she commanded the mouths of the Danube, she might soothe Germany and Austria with a promise of a strict neutrality in those waters. If "Mosoow would be jealous of the new Byzantiuni and Byzantium would hate Moscow" the samo tactios that reconciled Moscow to St. Petersburg would reconcile both to the new


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