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for Infants and Children. THIRTY year' o...

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for Infants and Children. THIRTY year' ohgervation of Cagtoria with the patronage o milHon of perron, permit ns to speak of it withont gnegslng. It is nngnegtionaoly the best remedy for Infanta and Children the world ha ever known. It is hannle. Childre liho it. It , give them health. It xrW ave their live. In it Mother have omething whioh i ahsolntely afe and praotioally perfect a a child' medicine. Cagtoria deatroy 'Worm. Cagtoria allays Feverishne. Cagtoria prevents vomiting Song CnriL Castoria cures SiarrhaBa and Wind Collo. i Cagtoria relieve Teething Tronplcs. Cagtoria enre Constipation and Flatnlency. Cagtoria nentralise the effects of carponio acid ga or polonon air. Cagtoria doe not oontain morphine, opinm, or other narootio property. Cagtoria assimilates the food, regnlateg the stomach and powel giving healthy and natnral sleep. Cagtoria i pnt np in one-glze bottles only. It i not old in hnlk. Don't allow any one to sell yon anything ele on the plea or promiW that it is "jnt ai good" and "will antwer every pnrpose." See that yon get C-A-S-T-O-R-I-A. The fac-gjmile y f". T" íi00-?? Ignatnre of (LtffiUcAjt4 y[ES2ïLl Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.


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