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An electric street railway line is to be built betweeu Anu Arbor aud Detroit. It will be conipleted and in running order within the next year. It will undoubtedly at once increase the population of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, by niakiog them popular resident places for the business men of Detroit who wish to live with their families and yet give them opportunity to get the best education that oan be obtained. Some weeks ago, as our readers will doubtless rernember, it was annouced, in a hazy sort of way that there was a plan on foot to build au electric railway froni Ann Arbor and ïpsilanti to Detroit. Siuce that time tfiose interested in the project have Dot been idle. Mr. Thos. D. Kearney, the attorney for the eastern capitalists who are to fumish the money necessary to complete the enterprise.inforins ns that the prelimiuary work is being pushed as rapidly as possiblo aud he is confident that tho road will be equipped aud running by October 1, 189(5. The right of way has been secured for a groater part of the distance and the reniaiuder will be procured at au early duy. Aun Arbor is au ideal residence city, offering many and varied inducements, as all our residents know. If frequeut and rapid trausportation with a moderate rate of fare, could be secured with Detroit, mauy Detroit business uien would make their homes in Auu Arbor. Today there are a nnmber of resideuts of both Aun Arbor aud Ypsilanti who must depend on the Michigan Central for daily trausportation to Detroit where they are engaged in business. It bas been suggested that the business interests of both Anu Arbor aud Vpsilanti would suffer somewhat by attracting trade not really belonging to the twin cities to Detroit. This we think a mistake. A small uumber who care nothing for the busiuess welfare of either Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti will malee purchases iu Detroit, as they do now aud will dr; in auy event. On the other hand, the well kuowu advautages of both Anu Arbor aud Ypsüanti as places of residence will, we are coufldent, attract enoughpeople from Detroit and elsewhere to the twin cities to more thau overbalance the loss and this uumoer will constantly grow. The success of the Detroit and Mt. Clemens road has demonstrated the feasibility of electric transportatiou betweeu towns and Mr. Kearney is confident of the financia! success of this road. The new road will ruu from Ann Arbor through Ypsilauti, Sheldou, Denton, Wayne and Dearborn to Detroit. It will be equipped for rapid service and it is expected to make the trip in about the time required by the Ceutral. It is also expected to put the fare for the round trip down to fifty ceuts froni Ann Arbor. Thus, at an expense of fifty ceuts a day, a mau could have his business in Detroit and his resideuce in Ann Arbor.


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