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Methodist Preachers Adjourn

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The SI -Iiodist preachers of the De' troit ooufereaoe had to keep protty late bours Iasl Mxmday eveuiug, in order to get their appointmeats and go home the Dexl. morning. It was nearly twelve o'olouk before the bishop was ready to read the list, so great had been the troub'e in making the changes. Kot half of the pastors were returned to their old charges. Washtenaw couuty appomtnients were as follows: Ann Avbor - Dr. Caroden M. Cobern. Chelsea - Carlos L. Adams. Dexter - Thomas G Porter. Dixboro - Bugene M. Moore. Manch'if'er and ..Sharoju - David H. Yokoni. Milau- H. F. Shier. Salem - William H. Benton. Saline- Eugene Yager. Stony Creek - Beuoui Gibson. Whitmore Lake and Hamburg - H. W. Hioks. Willis - Reubeu Emery. Ypsilanti- E. W. Ryan. The all-surpassing quesHon of the conieum-e was the woman qnestion. There was soarcely 51 day on whioh it did not oome up in some form or other, and the womeu always carne out ahead. The Detroit conference is solidly for the fair sex, and the vote on the ainendment proposed by the Baltimore and Colorado conferences for the admissidn of women, resulted in the decisive affirmative of 185 to 9. By almost unanimous vote the ference decided against the división of the two Michigan conferences. Another important piece of business was the decisive vote in favor of reducing the ratio of representatiou of the clei-gy iu the general conference by about oue-third. Sunday was the great day of the conferece for spectators, and the Methodist church contained nearly two thousand people in theinorning.when Bishop Hurst spoke on the theme,"Christ - the Certainty of Faith." Other preacher of the conference occupied the pulpits of other city churches. The exercises of the day olosed with a grand revival service, Friday and Saturday were taken up mostly with routine business. Friday was occupied largely by the lay conference, which met in the Presbyterian church. Six of the delegates were women and they toük their seats in the conference without opposition. The laymen declared their faith in the cause of woman, and pledged their delegates to the general conference to vote for their admission to that body. The delegates elected were George O. Robijison, of Detroit, and Dr. R. S. Copeland, of this city. The seven clerical dele gates elected on Friday and Saturday were : Dr. J. F. Berry, of Chicago ; Dr. C. M. Coberu, of Aun Arbor; Rev. C. T. Allen, of Detroit ; Rev. E. W. Ryau, of Ypsilanti ; Rev. W. H. Shier, of Detroit ; Rev. John Sweet, of Calumet ; and President Fiske, of Albion. The lay delegates enjoyed a suruptuous banquet in Jiarris hall on the evening of Friday. The statistics of the conference are of interest. There are 46,634 church members in this conference, an inorease of nearly three thousand this year. There are 4(:5 church buildings within the conference limits. Foreign missiouary collections have taken a slump this year,while most of the home collections have inureased alightly. The conférence adjourned to next year in the Garland street chureb, Flint.


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