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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of iiext week wíll be four great days for tha people of Washtenaw county. They will be great days for Aim Arbor, for from the fonr corners of the couuty all roads will lead toward the city. Snpt. F. E. Mills luis proniised the best fair in the history ot the Washtenaw County Agricultura] and Horticultural society, and judging froru enfries already iu, in all of the !.vmy depaitiuents.he will inore thau keep his word. This being the fortyseventh anuual fair, there are fortysix former good records to break, but there is do good reasoii to doubt that all will be stnashed. Tiie live stock deparfrment is goiiig to ie a star attraotion. Iu horses, cattle, sheep, swiiie and poultry, Supt. Mills says that eutries are abnoriually large. Oue of the largest exhibitors will be H. C. Waldron, of Worden, vrbo luis made forty-flve eutries in the horse departnieut, all Normans. Other l:rge exhibitors will be W. H. Dell, of Stoiy '..'reek, and Fred Hutzel, of Pittsfield. E. L. Davis, of Davisburg, has made íorty-two eutries iu the cattle, sheep aud poultry departments. Geo. Nissly, ot Saliue, will be a big exhibitor of poultry aud poultry supplies. B. D. Kelly, of YpSilanti, has placed thirtyftve eutries of .sheep, cattle, swiue aud poiT.try. He has a fine herd of Shorthrvn cattle. Williain V. Tubbs.of Scio, ñus made twenty cattle enfries. Geo. E. Sperry. of Pittsfield, has fifteeu entries of Shropshire sheep aud poultry. D. B.Suttou, of Northfield, will exhibit a large fiock of sheep. J. C. Chaluiers, of Pittsfield. has etered eight head of Gnernsey cattle. Whitt iker Bros., of Lima, have a good flock of Blacktop slieepand have seut ineighteen entries. E. E. Lelaud and Sou, of Northfiel, also have eighteeu eutiies of Shropshires. took eutries closed on Wedurcsday, wirh the biggest list ever had. IKTERBST IN' SCHOOL EXHUWl'. " nmissiouer of Schools Wedeuieyer bas his plans for the school department well matured. The fair society bas of.''iii in premiums and the merchantshave inoreased the amount to $400. Lasi yeav it took teu flags to supply ohotils that had the largest percent.v-e of atteudanoe at the fair ou schoei day, for there were ten schools that had every pupil present. This u[ schools may have choice of liags or of library suppliee. Wednesrtay is to be school driy, and au excellent progrpui of speakiug Jus been avranged !v Mr U'edemoyer. The list of speakers wüi pui :.■ Sr.periuteudent of Public Insti neri'i:i Paiteugill, of Lansiug, Superintendent A. M. Whitnev, of laoti schools, and ex-Commissioner M. i ranangh. THUKSDAY- TVOMAN'S DaV. Thnrsday will be the day for woinen, umi the day 's program relating totheiu is in charge of Miss Eruma E. Bower. Sbejias secured the following speakers : Mis. Lillian Hollister, of Detroit, expxesi'dent of the state V. C. T. U. and ar resi nt great eomrnander of ttie L. May EDasrgs, of Bay City, president of the state woman'a snffrage associatiou : and Mrs. Mary Mayo, of Battle Creek, one of the cliief pffioers of the state grauge. The speaking Will take place in a tent provided on purpose for the occasion. The art departinent will lie full. All the space iu tlie rnain hall has been takeu. and only fonr merchants have been orowded in at that. Applications for space have to be refnsed every day. There will bo nausually fine rnachiuery exhibits. The spao.ifor carriages and manufaptured goods has all been taken, and three teuts which have been provided for the overflow are alsofilled. THE SPliHI) DEPARTMENT. There will be horse races on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On the iatter day there will be frplendid bicycle races, on all three days there will be special races. The horse races will be as follows : Wednesday, 2 :30 trot, yearlings, and four-year-old trot; Thursday, yearling stake, :3 :98 pace and 2 :40 trot; Friday 3 :00 trot, 2 :35 pace and free for all. The race program is in charge of Frank Butterfield, of Whitinore Lake, superintendent of the speed departir) ent. On Weduesday and Thurfday there will be interesting dog races botween Leo, a pacing canine from Ypsilanti, aud Prince, a trotter from Northville. This will be a handicap race, Leo receiving a handicap of ten seconds. His driver is but seven years old, weighs ouly forty-two pnunds and is said to be the yonngest jockey in the profession. On Wednesday, Thursday aud Friday there will be special exhbitions by the Kemp sisters, the Kemp brothers and Mlle. Rosalía. The sisters are only seven and nine years old and their performances with their trainod ponies are said to be niarvellous. They have beeu at the Ionia fair this week. Friday 's bicycle races, in charge of F. Stofflet, are bringing in wany enfries. $400 in prizes have been offered. There will be six races : Boys' one-half mile handicap, 16 years or ander; one-half mile open ; half-mile boys' race, 8 years or under ; three mile lap race ; one niile open;, five mile handicap. All are uuder L. A. Y. sanction. The prizes are all valualbe. There will be uo gamiug stands this year. Superintpnd'ut Mills received an offer of f500 for exclusive garning privileges aud also an offer of $150 for the privilege of a questiouable exhibitiou. but both were promptly reuafd. There will be special railtoad rates to the fair on both roads uext week, tickets being sold for one fare for the rouud trip and good for five days.


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