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Adrian Press Washtenawisms

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Aun Arbor canine owners are invited to walk up to the clerk's office and pay the license that permits a niangy cur, an ugly buil dog, a sleepy mastiff, a useless poodle, a more useless pug, a nieek shepherd or a frisky black and tan purp, to legally live in that city with other people Occasioually there's a man over in Washtenaw county who thinks the fair the last of this month won 't amount to much, because of this thiug or that thiug not being to bis taste. These fellows should remember that the Michigan game laws permit the shooting of jacksnipes af ter September 1. In the Ann Arbor art school Miss Hunt is announced to conduct classes in black and white, every Saturday inorning. Thns the descendauts of Ham receive equal recognitiou with the pale face - and Ethopia in art, may properly date from this Aun Arbor era. Pupils please fumish chalk and charcoal. A jury of Ypsilantians acquitted some Salvatiou Arrny parties who were arrested for blockading the streets. Capt. Allen appeared for the defendants, and by his vivid portrayal of the wickedness of the community and the increasing need of moral instruction, I whereby others of their citizens could be kept from going to congress and otherwise falling into degradation, the jury was f orced to acquit, on the theory of the greatest good to the greatest numbcr. This gives the Salvationists the right of way, and also serves as a sort of atonement for Capt. Allen, who has for a long time been watching for an opportunity to do sbmething that would excuse his promise to Washtenaw farmers that wool would be 50 cents if Harrison were elceted. With fruit so pleutifnl that people Ciui hardlygive it away.Milan'boys still have so rauch of the. "Old Nick" in their make up that they sneak around with sliugshots, kuock off the best is aud pears, and scramble off with them bef ore the women can turn around and get a club. Thnreday, Sept. 86, is to be won,a i's day ar the Washtenaw connty fair. We learn that fe program is to be in charge of Miss Einma E. Bower, of the Demoorat. Tbat insures its excellence. If we visir the fair it will be on Thnrsday. That's when the fair of Waf-htenaw can be seeu. "Has Washteuaw coal?" quei-iVs the Argus. Certainly, down in Mi km, Dexter and Ypsilauti, where they have the cash to get it. We have seen no ads showing nraeh coal on hand iu Aun Arbor. Ann Arbor people generally won't need to worry about coal for the future. They'll find it liot enough, and if there's a lack of coal a supply of brimstone that is inexbanstible is said to be available. Ez. Norris and Col. Dean please N. B. The Methodist conference is in session at Anu Arbor this week. "SVhile it is a strictly business session in which the pastors between prayers fish for acceptable locations, still we trust that in their devotional deliberations they will not forget the newspaper and legal fraternity over there , and that they will continually reraeniber the big fair that occurs the last of the month and which is worthy any intercession they may be able to give. Now that the students are away, and the city is like a grave yard, we suggest that the conference mark its deliberations with a little of the old fashioned Methodist vim, wherein the whole couuty of "Washtenaw shall be aroused to a sense of its danger, and its old cime democratie 1,200 majority shall be restored, and the fair be rnade a success.


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