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One of the latest results of the Ypsilauti whisky uupleasantness is the resignation of Rev. H. M. Morey, of the lst Presbyterian church. The Elder's hostility to the salopns had been "ou tap'some weeks. A part of bis cbnrch not agreeing with hiiii. Mr. Morey steps down froni his pulpit. Mrs. Davis, au elderly lady of Hudsou, recently visited her daughtcr at Jerome aud walked in the orohard. Au old crooked-pated ram also walked in :he orchard and espied Mrs. Davis, on whoiii he gazed with disfavor and squarng off made a hit tb at sent the )ld lady to grass with a broken leg - a breach of gallantry on the part of the sheep. Wool, however, is on the f ree list. A Betzer, Hillsdale county, man has jnst beeu fiufid $10 for uruelty in running his horses. The moral tendency of age is towards the greater punishment of crime. Au Aun Arbor man was lately ñ'ned 2, jnst for whippiug his wife. Farmers arouud Portage lake find neither deeds nor inortgages suffioieut to hold their property against the maraudiug campers of that qnarter. ' They would turn loose their sea serpent, but he is rented to Petoskey till October. The Adrián Press, in its last issue, prints a fi ve-colurun directory of the whereabouts of fornier Adrián people. Not to be outdone, the Grass Lake News publishes a six-column list of the dead in the village cemetery, but does not inention their present whereabouts. J. W. Clement, of Victorsvillle, Lenawee county, reports striking mud, oil, water and gas while drilling a well on his farm reoently. He is the same man who reported losing all his cattle down the cracks made in the oarth by the drouth. Clement's condition is accounted for by the f act that he was formerly on the Evening News staff. Great, pethy weeds grow like a forest aloug the edges of Allen's creek, Aun Arbor. The Street commissioner feels delicate about euttiug them, fearing the board of public works might want them for sewer pipe. Washtenaw is aow snspected of covering up a rich straturn. For some time syrnptoms have appeared and recently Samuel Tubbs.of Osborn's Mills, has struok nu hi.s farm, a vein, the extent of which he will prove. "Mr. Sheriff," said Judge Kinne Tuesday, as. slumped down on the ' "wool sack," limp and faint, "bring ! me a fan and a pitcher of ice water (the conrt doesn't take anything stronger) and declare the session open for the regular disparen of business." It was done.


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