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New Homeopathic Faculty

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The new faculty of the school of homeopathy of the University, as selected by the homeopathie coniniittee of the board of regeuts, will be made up as follows: Dr. W. B. Hinsdale, of Cleveland University, dean, aud professor of materia medica and therapeutics. Dr.R. S. Copeland, forinerly of Bay City, professor of ophthalmology, otology and paedology, in other words of eye, ear, nose and throat diseases. Dr. O. R. Long, for seventeen years superintendent of the asylum for criminal insaue at Ionia, professor of the theory and practice of medicine. Dr. Oscar LeSeure, of Detroit, professor of surgery and clinical surgery. Although he has not deflnitely accepted, it is probably that Dr. W. G-. Willard of the Chicago Homeopathie college, will accept the chair of gynaecology aud obstetrics. A superintendent of the homeopathie liospital will be appointed, so that each hospital will hereafter do business uuder ifcs own flag. At the meeting of the board of regents, Sept. 25, it is probable that the selections of the homeopathie committee will be coufirmed without dissent. Dr. Wilbert B. Hinsdale, who has Deen chosen as the professor of materia medica and deán of the departnient, was born in Wadsworth, Medina coun;y, Ohio, in 1851. He is a brother of Dr. B. A. Hinsdale, of the literary demrtment. He graduated at Hiram college, Ohio, in 1875, and after several rearsof teaching he strudied medicine. Se graduated at the oíd Cleveland homeopathie college, now the Cleveland nniversity of medicine and surgery, and entered upon the practice of medicine, n which he ha i since been engaged. Several years ago he became a meniber of the faculty of the college in which ie had received his professional educa;ion, and has become an increasingly prominent member of the faculty from ;he time of his election. For the last two or three years he has fllled the chair of materia medica and practice. At the time of his election to the position to which he has been called, he was the registrar of the institution, performing duties very similar to those that are attached to the dean's office in the homeopathie department of thejuniversity.