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Alice Wheeler Hawks has sned her husband for divorce on the grcrand of desertion. The University hospital opened on Monday last and already contains a score of patients. Adelbert B. Walker, the liveryman, was married yesterday to Miss Carrie Hamilton, of Salem. Arthur Sweet has been elected truant officer by the school board and it behooves the small boy to watoh out for him. The regular monthly social of the ladies' society of the Presbyterian church was given last evening in the church parlors. Ann Arbor may have another educational institution added to its already long list. J. W. Sheridan was in the city this week looking up the prospecta for a sphool of telegraphy. Geo. B. Harrison, business manager of the ü. of M. Daily, has arrived for his year's work and has arrangeinents for the Daily under way. The flrst issue will appear on Sept. 28. County Clerk Dansingburg has received notice from Secretary of State Gardner that Washtenaw county's quota of volumes of the acts of the legislature of 1895 has been forwarded. It requires 199 copies to suplpy the public officers and newspapers of the county. Through his attorneys, Lawrence & Butterfield, Herman Hutzel has begun suit against the city for the sura of $5, - 000, trespass on the case. The suit arises from the controversy regarding the Washington street sewer, and the refusal of the council to pay the bill for damages presented by Hutzel several weeks ago. The board of public works held its regular meeting Wednesday evening, with all members present. City ClerK Mills was authorized to advertise for bids for coping the park on South University avenue, as directed by the council. It was voted to open a passage through the park at South Ingalls street. Mrs. Kittredge was given permission to cut down a tree in her sidewalk on División street. Marshal Peterson captured a small boy with a Flobert rifle one day this week and took the trouble to see what sort of charge he was using in his antispurrow weapon of death. There were just 104 shot in the charge, enough to deal destruction notfonly to the unlucky sparrow, but to the'eyes of any pedestrian who might get in the way. The youngster got off with a sound pieoe of advice and with assurance that the next offence might prove more serious in its penalty. There were two slight accidents in Wednesday 's bicycle races, both due to the f act that the road was ■ not clear. W. W. Griffin came to grief on the start, running into a horse and bnggy at the f oot of Main street hill. He was not hurt. The other accident happened to Chas. Banfield, just as he carne in. A hack got in the way at Williams street and to avoid a collision with it, Banfield ran into the crowd, throwing him off rather violently. He was not badly hurt. The Y. M. C. A. is taking advantage of the law enacted by the last legislature by making use of the "traveling" library. About fifty books, principally of fiction and history,have been received from the state library at Lansing, and are before the Y. M. C. A. boys for use for six rnonths, when they will be returned to Lansing and another set of fifty may be obtained. The only oost is the freight, and a deposit of five dollars has to be made to cover all incidental expenses. The entertainment course of the Y. M. C. A.ifor this winter is to be a good one. Five numbers will be given, as f ollows : 1 - Laura Dainty Co. , inoluding violin, harp and baritone, Ootober 16, 16, or 17; 2 - Nina Drummond Leavitt, banjo and ruandolin, assisted by the Ann Arbor Conoert company ; 3 - Robert J. Burdette; 4 - Rev. J. M. Barkley, of Detroit; 5 - Royal Bell Ringers, of London. President Wagner says the association will not sell a single ticket less than 1,000. J. A. Brown has purchased the grocery stock of Bradford & Co.Jfrom assiguee Edward Duffy. Superintendent Reeve of the University bas been made special campus policemau by Mayor Walker. Titus Hutzel has purchased the Spohr block,on south Main street, occupied by A. Teufel with his harness shop. There will be a special meeting of the O. E. S. next Weduesday evening, Sept. 25, for the purpose of installing officers for the ensuing year. Patrick Fitzsimmons,ot Dexter, is in trouble with the conrts. He is charged with keepinz his saloon open on Sunday and the nest; term of circuit court will decide the matter. The University foot ball team has gone to Omena, near Traverse City, for preliminary fall training. Eighten men were taken. They will return to Ann Arbor about October 1. The remains of Mrs. P. T. Gibney, late of Bay City, were brought to this city Tuesday for interment. Deceased was a daughter-in-law of Mrs. M. H. Herey, of Spring street. Wadharus, Ryan & Reule expect that the improvements in their store will be completed next week, when they -vill have a magnificent front and a commodious and convenient block. Mr. Hanby is doing a big business at Whitmore Lake with his saw mili, getting out lumber for the Michigan Furniture Co. Three teams are drawing logs i'rom the Watkins farm. E. E. Howe, the author of "Break o'Day, " who is a frequent visitor of ex-Prosecuting Attorney M.J. Lehman, has been spending the suinnier at South Lake, preparing material for a new novel. His first novel had a good rccepion. Miss Lucy Cole instructs the scholars in school district No. 3, Pittsfield, Lodi and Ann Arbor, in singing during the coming year. At the largest school meeting held in years it was unanimously decided to re-employ Miss Cole, this being her second year. Mrs. Kathiina Schiappicassee, wife of Anton Schiappicassee, the fruit dealer of North Main street, died Tuesday ïnorning of typhoid fever, at the age of fifty-four years. Mrs. Schiappicassee was born in sunny Italy and came to Ann Arbor nineteen years ago. She leaves, besides her husband, a family of six children. The flag raising exercises at the Salem school Tuesday were a great success. There was a large crowd present, including a majority of the school patrons of the district. A splendid program, consisting of songs aiid recitations, was carried out by the scholars of the school. Prof. Charles Stark, principal of the school, made a short address of welcome. Speeches were made by Hon. George S. Wheeler and School Commissioner Wedemeyer. The flag, which is a very large and beautiful one, floats from a pole sixty feet high, presenting a very pretty appearance. Hon. F. E. Mills returned home last week from Grand Rapids where he had been attending the state fair. Mr. Mills acted as one of the judges of Jersey and Holstein cattle. The fair was a great success. He met his brother, ClarkMills, of Mancelona, Mich. Together they visited the soldiers' home. His brother took tb e trouble to inquire about how niany men of his old regiment, the Twentieth Michign Infantry, had been inmates of the home. He was informed that since the home was opened only four men of that regiment had been there. Four companies of this regiment were raised in Washtenaw county. Adam Frey, of Salem, is a guest at the county jail, with excellent prospects for a visit to Pontiac or Kalamazoo. Tuesday morning he carne to the city and about the first thing drove W. K. Childs out of his office. Being successful there, he went to the 'office of Prosecuting Attorney Randall to continue his tactics The prosecuting attorney being out of the office escaped unscathed. Frey deruanded of the typewiiter if Mr. Randall were in. On being told that he was not, he began to flourish his fists and cried out, "Well, then, you get the act for me." The typewritor not knowing just what act to get. and dislikiug the pugilistic tactics of her cliënt, respectfully handed over the office to him. Frey followed her out and she dodged back in and shut the door in his face. There seems to be no doubt that he is insane and steps wil be taken to have him committed at once to an insane asylum. Frey has caused trouble before in his own neighborhood. The regents of the University have begun suit against Edward R. Root et al, of Coldwater, executors of the will of the late Heary C. Lewis, to compel them to deliver to the University certain pictures of the Lewis art gallery collection bequeathed to the University in the Lewis will. Root asserts that under the terms of the will only those pictures actually in the art gallery should go to the University and those in contention, he oontends, were in the residenoe,notin the gallery. The clause of the will upon which the matter hinges is this: "I give to the University of Michigan all my paintings and statuary and all my art works of every kind and nature which are contained within my art gallery. ' ' The gallery was only a part of the residence, being connected therewith by a hallway. In the bill instituting thesuit, the regents assert that the pictures at issue were removed from the gallery after the death of Mr. Lewis. There are about 150 pieces conoerned,of the 725 pictures and statuary pieces of the collection. The anuual receptiou given the high school freshmeu by the faculty will tako place this eveuing. A feature of the Washtenaw oounty fair next week will be the singing on school day, in charge of Miss Luoy K. Cole. She will have her chorus of children present, which will addgreatly to the program of the day. Wendell Phillips Mooré, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eli W. Moore, of this city, was married on Tuesday to a young lady of Williamston. Mr. and Mrs. Moore, together with Mr. and Mrs. Eli W. Moore, jr. , of Bay City, went f rom here to attend the wedding. The Methodists made few changes in Washtenaw county appointments. Rev. John L. Newkirk, of Dixboro, wen to Fairfield, Rev. M. H. McMahoi', of Milan, went to Pinckney, Rev. Benoni Gibson, of Whitmore Lake and Hamburg, went to Stony Creek. At the Congregational chnrch next Sunday morning Rev. J. W. Bradshaw will take for his theme "One Master. " The Young Men's Sunday Evening club resumej services in the evening. The subject of the discourse will be "What More." The usual varied musical program will be provided. John Sauer tried to imítate a headend railroad collision on Monday while training for Wednesday 's road race. He ran amuck of a small boy on South Main street. The boy did not mind the inteference with his inalienable right to possession of the street, but the wheel was irrepaiably smashed. The committee having in charge ifoe raising of $6,500 to bring the Hay-Todd company to Ann Arbor, have secured about $1,500 in subscriptions after an hour or two's work for two days this week. This amount was raised by one half of the committee, and the other half is skirmishing today to beat the record of their colleagues. The sixth annual Chelsea fair has been in progress sinoe Wednesday, with fair atteudance both; yesterday and Wednesday. Today is school day and the big day of the fair. The exhibits in all departments have been good and the fair is fully up to che standard set in previous years. Good races have been on the program each day and there were bicycle races yesteïday. Frederick A. Tinker, of this city, and Miss May Pearl Lockwood, of Jackson, were united in marriage at the home of the bride, in Jackson, on Wednesday evening. The wedding was a very elabórate one and was attended by a large numberof thefriends and relatives of the bride and groom. D. C. Huntoon, of Waterford, did the part of best man and Miss Florence Tinker, sister of the groom, was bride of honor, assisted by seven bridesmaids. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Mr. Curry, of Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. Tinker came directly to Ann Arbor, where they will keep house at IS Willard street, their home being the gift of the groom 's mother,Mrs. D. A. Tinker. Mr. and Mrs. Tinker were in attendance at the wedding. FollowiDg is a list of the petit jurors drawn for the October term of the circuit court, and will be in attendance at s a. m. Oct. 8: üottlob Andrés, Albert Johnson, Dexter; Lewis Gener, Freedom; Edwaxd A. Nordman. Lima: ('alvin C. Warner, Lodi; Chauncey Clark, I.yndon; O. L. Torrey, Manchester; Thomas Wallace, Northfield; Joel White, Pittsfield: Wm .Bolgas, Salem; Chas. M. Fellows, Saline; A. L. Rorabacher, Scio; Frederick Lehman. Sharon; Samuel Russell, John Weayer, Sylvan; Wm. Benz, Webster; Chas. Parsons, York; Hiram Brown. Jehial Strand, Ypsilanti; Lewis C. Kelly, Ypsilanti town; Foster Brown, Ann Actoor town; Geo. L. Moore. Michael Staebler, Leonard Grnner, Wm. Goodyear, John Morony, Sam V. Gregory, Frank Bui?. Ann Arbor; E. Sanderson, Au.susta; Chas. M. Green, Bridgewater.