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The orator of the day wasj Judge Speer. He traced the history of the exposition, and paid an eloquent tribute to lts proectors and to the influence it would have on the moral and material elemeilts of the south. When Judge Speer concluded his oration the ceremony of touching the bot;ontook place. Wires had been stretohed 'rom Gray Gables to Buzzard's Bay and still another wire had been stretched from ihe Auditorium here to the Machinery Juilding. While Judge Speer was deliverng his address the operator cleared the ine to Gray Gables and shortly after 6 o'clock everything was ready. Herbert's band played a selection and luddenly a flash of light from an electric amp illuminated the buildings. There vere great cheers. The expogitlon was ormally opened. Down at Machinery ïall Engineer Charles S. Foster had atiached two electric valves to the Frick eniine and the 4,000,000-gallon pump. When resident Cleveland touched the button he electrlcity opened a small valve which breed a jet of ateam against a larger one, and this opening the steam was admitted to the eylmrïers. Mr, Foster was sïtting by the big engine waiting f or ;the signal from the president. He held liis head close to the eleettic val ve for a half hoiir. When the valve I cllckèd and the hissing stesm poured into the cylinder he waved his hand to theen gineers aróitnd him and at once all the englnes were opehed. The wheels , turning and the ponderous machine annguncedthe opening of the greftt show. Standing on dhe banka of Lake Clara Meer Lxither Steininger direoted I he opera! tions of the f otmtain, the greatest electri cal creatlon in tiio histoiy of the world. ! The single jet J'.-oni theeenter of the machine suddenly began ahooting and as it roseabove the banks of the lake the men at Paine's fireorks building began a saluteof 1(K) bombs. The first bomb, thrown high into the air, notifled tlie crowds around thegronnd that the expoíítion had really started and great cheers rent the air. Tliis closed the regular programme, and the great crowd distributed itself over the grounds and tlie buildings for a iirs peep at the bi fair vchose fornuü inausruration thi-y ha just witnessed. The openinpc was a con píete and unequiyocal success, and th exposition begins wlth every good ome in its favor. The Arion Glee club sang a song when Senator Manderson had finislfcd and then Hon. Hilary A. Herbert, secretary of the navy, was introduced. As the secretary came forward he was greotcd with loud applause, and made a felicitous speech. Lieutenant General Schofleld, General Grenville M. Dodge. General Daniel Butterfield, and General Horaee Porter each in turn made a brief talk, when Secretary Herbert had flnished. The meeting then adjourned.


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