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A Michigan Law Graduate On Marriage

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- ' The following extract f rom au arricie iu the Ohio átate Journal, on why college gradantes rio not ïuarry, willïnterest the friends of the University of Michigan : "The last of these college girls had been the most ambitious of all. Wheu she carried off houor after nonor, her friends prophesied great thiugs lor her. Aiways waming to be a lanye: she entered the law school of the 'üniversity of Michigan the year after she Rradnated . So weil poised was her ruind, so judicial her temperament, that the exaniiner singled her out from a large class as worthy of especial coinmendation. "She even reached the f ame of three lines of Associated Press matter, aiways priuted advantageously in the newspapers under a half column descriptivo of a Kansas womau's fight with a bear, under the doublé header 'What Women Can Do. ' This woinan married a mau to whom slie had been engaged in her college days. He studied law iu the same school. Of southeru birth, he wanted to settle in Georgia, the state which seemed to him pregnant with possibilities. They settled in Georgia, although the wife had aiways a longing for Minnesota. He is now a rising lawyer and she an excellent housewife. I was with her for two days before I could quite explaiu the heartbrokeu look in her face. We were sitting together one evening, and I said : ' Your husbaud doubtless owes something of his success to your well balanced mind. How happy a man must be who has Ja wife that understands all about his business!' "You are still a theorist, I see. My husband is too tired wheu he comes home at night to thinkof his law cases. He never mentions them. I tried to help him.butno man with a good brain ueeds a woman's head. He only needs her hands. ' Then turning to the little daughter at her side, she said, with au energy that called the ambitious school girl to my mind: 'This child shall know from her motherthat a husband is not necessary for a womau's happiness, and a professiou is. What vould I not give if I could feel this uight ruy braiu on fire and every pulse quickeued by the eager study of an intricate case at law!' "


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