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Real Estate Transfers

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The following is a list of the transfers of real estáte reoorded duviut; the week ending Saturday, Sept. 21, 1895, as reported by the Washtenaw Abstract Co., office in Lawrence building, corner of North Fourch avenue and East Ann street, Ann Arbor, Michigan : M. Straight to Charlotte Straight, Ypsilanti, $1 ; R. Mills and wife to H. R. Mills, Saline, $1 ; Patrick Kearney to Anna K. Danner, Northfield, $i,500 ; J. F. Eschelbach, by heirs, to W. F. Eschelbach, Freedom, $3,000; J. C. Goldrick to Robert Soott, Ypsilanti, $150; Emma Wynkup to Mary A. Wynkup, Ann Arbor, $1 ; Libbie Beahan to L. Hindelang, Chelsea, $100; S. S. Barker to F. and G. Bordman, Ypsilanti, $625 ; J. D. Duncan by executor, to W. H. Dancer, Ann Arbor, $2,200; F. H. Thompson to John R. Miner, Ann Arbor, $2, 500; Chas. Spoor to TitusF.Hutzel.Ann Arbor,$7,500 ; George W. Parker to J. L. Parker et al, Scio, $100; Hannah Lilley to Russel Parker et al, Scio, $200; M. C. Davison to G. E. Petterson, Chelsea, $700 ; S. M. Gay to I Edward Gay, York, $50 ;C. L. McGuire to B. F. Grow, Ann Arbor, $500 ; M. Standbridge to F. M. and C. J. White, Pittsfield, $1,975.