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Her Fate Known Tomorrow

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Fannie Sohemerhorn is a lady of color who dwells ou avenue four. She is sometimes called Fauuy Johnsoa by those who cali at her door. Now next door tn the lady of color is a man of some degree, and Archie Miller they cali him when they drop in for him to see. Now Fannie, in some way or other.a deed to Miller's preroises got; some one to fooi her, 'tis claimed, deeded to her the spot. So very latey Mis' Johusiug she went to the edge of the fence to ask if Mr. Miller had ready the dollas and cents that was owin' for staying and sleeping in the house Mrs. Johnson rents (or thought she did. ) Now Miller told her iii acoents that were quick and quite to the point that she had nothing whatever to do with the running oí hia joint. One word brought on another ;md the Missus Johnson swore she would break in all the windows and batter in the door. She proceedsd and last Sunday with a basin full of rocks she began the rnorning shindig to be hoard for several blocks. Shepeppered through'a wiudow and just missed the piano square, and, though a woman, auerring was her aiming then and there, and a tornado was no worse, they say, thau she was on that tear. The coppers did uot arrest her for reasons not quite sure ; but Mouday morniug early Missns Johusing.quite dornure.was brought o justice oonrt and told her story there ïat she thcraght she owned the Miller ite if not the court house square. And o the wise men of the town all will ougregate at Jnstice Gibson's tomorov morning - legal time at eigbt - and bout this woman all will think and jen they'H contémplate.


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