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The Wag Of Adrian

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No one was tipsy at the Washtenaw county fair, but a Geo. Letter has been arrested for selling liquor on the fair grounds, Oct. 10, withont a license. [f he did he is a bad Letter. Dexter desires a lecture course and a marriage club. Judging f rom the number of divorces grantei over in Washtenaw, some of the adjoining preoincts ought to be able to sunply JDexter's needs, though the vüiage is not accustomed to mnoh dealing in second ïand goods. The wife of a Dundee farmer told a voung man whom ehe did not admire very much, that she had sent his sweetaeart a ripe pumpkin because "I think she's been keeping company with a green one long enongh. " Kee-racky, aren 't those Dundee ladies spiteful, thongh? The Ann Arbor oouncil has passed an ordinance relative to disorderly persons, that would indícate an aldermanic idea that the council could supercede the legislature. We have no doubt but the aldermanic bódy is the ablest, but if the supreme court ever ?ets a show at the ordinance, it will be )adly demoralized. The Ann Arbor Gas Co. gets the jratitude of the city fathers by putting n four Wellsbach burners upon the chandeliers in the council room.where)y they are able to better see their luty to Ann Arbor and the aims of the gas company. But the burners were all nat is claimed for them and knock an ncandescent electric light clear over he ropes. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wortley,. of fpsilanti, have lived in that city fortyfive years. They were married fifteen vears before they came there, and last Saturday they duly observed the sixtieth anniversary of their marriage. He is 84 and she 79, and both enjoy good health. The only drawback to supreme satisfaction in reviewing their life work is the knowledge that one of their sons became a republican member of the Michigan legislature.


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