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Seventh Season

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The seventh season of the Choral Union series will open with a concert by the Chicago orchestra nnder the directon of Theodore Thomas, November 19. He also gives another concert in the series April 6. The other attraotions in the course are equally important, including a grand performance of Mendelssohn's "Elijah" Jannary 17, a gong recital by Madame de Vere-Sapio, a violinist of the highest rank (Rivarde. February 11), and a May Festival of flve concerts. When we look back at the flrst concerts in this series and reflect npon the growth of interest in the cause of good rnusic represented by the wonderful snccess of the May Festivals, the increase in the number and quality of the coucerts, the purchase of the Frieze Memorial organ, the University School of Music,the magnificent chorus of 300, developed from a chorus of 40, the faculty concerts (a series of chamber concerts difflcult to rival), it seems hardly possible. And yet each year the price remains (in comparison with the attractions offered) practically the same. The flrst season four concerts, including one orchestral concert, $2 ; this year 10 concerts, inclnding six with orchestra, $3, or with reserved seat for Festival $4. Thetwo orchestral concerts in the series represent the cost of the entire first series, and yet we are told that this price need never be exceeded, provided we can have a hall large enough to seat the people who will come to a May Festival if assured of reserved seats. Nor has the great increase in the pursnit of music been without its advantages to the city. The School of Music has within four years brought at least 200 people to Ann Arbor for music alone. It is easy to compnte that this at the smallest possible individual expenditnre represents at least $60,000 spent in Ann Arbor at an investment of $15,000.


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