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Women In School Work

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Inspectora of schools and state superinteudeuts of education testify that the schools are best cared for when there are botli men and women on the board. The men, owing to theirlarger business experieuoe, are generally more ten . lo deal with the purely queviioüs that come bofore the board, but the wennen are fouud better ablo to deal with questions that relate to the 3hildreu, uud there are all sortsof little things about a school building that they look after nsorekeeuly rban men. There are rnauy housekeeping details for which a woman'K oye is neoded, aud the same thing has been found trne in the supervisión of the schools. Oue striking incident occurred in a Massachnsetts town not far from Boston. A certain school snlïered from repeated outbreaks of diphtheria and other diseases. The school committee had the building whitewashed aud ventilated and did all they could think of to miprove the sanitary arrangemeuts, but in vaiu. The schoolhouse was about to be closed as hopelessly unhealthy, when a wonian waselected to the school board. She went all over the building, and then asked to be shown the cellar. The jauitor was disgusted. He said j no member of the school board had ever j asked to be taken into the cellar before and that it was not in a fit state for i itors. This only made the lady the more determined to see it. She found in it an old well, reeking with filth. It was ' cleaned out andfilledup, and the school had no more outbreaks of illness. - !


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