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The senior dents will carry caues. The '98 laws will hold an election tomorrow. The foot bal) practice squad have had a new group picture taken. An extensión has been completed on the front of the library building. The sophomores defeated the freshmen at foot ball yesterday by a soore of 14 toO. Harvard acknowledges that Michigan ■Will score in the big game in Boston tomorrow. The first freshmau social will be held at Granger's academy the evening of the twenty-second. All tho talk abont a woman professor means that there will be a woman instructor in the girls'' "gym." The Ypsilanti Normal eleven defeated che freshmen college team last Saturday at foot ball by a score of 54 to 4. Walter W. DreW, '06 law, broke a ligament iu his ankle while playing foot ball with his class Wednesday afternoon. "Vesper seivioes were commeuced again Tuesday in Uuiversity hall. Prof. Stanley has a chorus of 6 persons this year to assist at this service. Bulletins of the college game will be received as each play is made and they will be posted in the window iu the second story of Sheehan's bookstore. John D. Rockfeller, he's the feller ! He's just given another three millions to the Chicago University. This makes bis total gifts to that institution of learning amount to six and a half millions. The twentieth annual ball, formerly the Jnnior hop, wiJl oocur on February 14 at the Waterman gymnasium. The committees have all been appointed. fiobert Louis Dean, of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, is general chairmau. Now that the salvation aimy is here there may be still another new garb on the campus. With golf stockings, bloomers and tennis trouseriugs the soarlet salvation army shirt may put in appearance, shonld some student proceed to "get the power." Prof D'Ooge spoke Monday evening in Newberry hall ou the subject, "Two Views of Life. " He said that the great temptation in college life is to becorne too self absorbed and tooself contained. Studeuts should live as murh for othere' advancement as for tbeir own. The D. A. C. management played greedy this year aud would not let the grounds to the U. of JVI. for the Minnesota game for a reasonable amount. Manager Baird, therefore, closed a bargain with Mr. Van Derbeck Tuesday and the game will be played on the league base ball grounds. The University of Michigan association in Detroit has inaterialized. The following ofñcers have been elected: Hon. Don M. Dickinsou, president; Miss Winifred Lane, vice president; Earl D. Babst, secretary-treasnrer ; George P. Cüdd and C. M. Burton, directors for one year ; H. H. Swan aDd W. C. Johnson, directors for three years. The university of Michigan Masouic club gave its first annual banquet Satnrday evening at Hangsterfer's" hall. Covers were laid for 55 gnests. M. R. Sturtvan, '90, presided as toastruaster. Dr. Carrow, Prof. Dorrance, Prof.Novy, H. G. Prettyman and Prof. Johnson responded to toasts. Prof. Dorrance was especially happy with a witty poern npon the coming new wornan with tefereuce to maeonry. Edward Waldo Emerson, son of Ralph Waldo Emerson, had a large nnmber of studenta and townspeople out o hear him on his appearance ia Unity club conrse Monday evening. His topic was "Thorean". The speaker remembered as a little boy the great friend of his father and much of his talk was of the interesting reminiseent kind. On Tnesday evening Mr. Emerson spoke in the Unity conrse upon "Art" The number of Wrinkle issued on Thnrsday was the most pretentious so far of that collrge publication. It contained ruany good things, notably the center page of the poker game by Wagner and the front page half tone by Miss Hanna, of Jackson. Edward Ferry, '96 law, was also well represented by a drawing and Parsons and Lawless, new men to Wrinkle, have some good work. Notable among the literary articles were a poem, entitled "Money to Burn, " by Geo. R. Barker, and the "Antiquity of Jokes," by A. !M. Smith. The number withal is Wortby of the best patronage of the year.


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