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New Ideas In House Lighting

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A new and delightfnl principie in lighting houses has boeu largely adopted in tho roost elegant and artistic homes. This is diffusion of concentration. The imposing central chandelier has given way to gas jets and electricbulbs, which represent conventiomilized flowers set in the frieze and formiug part of its decoration. Swinging lights hung inside of opalescent glass lauterns in each corner of the room are substitnted for the overwhelming central chandelier. Brass sconces with gas jets made to imítate candles are liked as side lights. The lamp Ktill holds its own, but the millinery shade, the slightly raodified tulle and lace petticoats of a ballet dancer, havo happily dropped somewhat into the background, and ground glass shades, either pluin or with a dragon or two delicately etched upon them, or pale tinted fluted porclain shades are now en regie. The diffnsed method of lighting has two great advantages. It is more agreeable to the eyes and iuflnitely more becomiDg to the complexion, and these areconsiderationsnot to beheld lightly.


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