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The Retired Burglar

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"My chief trouble now," said the retired burglar, "is about my honrs. I have been so long accustomed to working nights and sleepiug days that I flnd it difflcult to change back to the honrs of other folks. Iustead of having my breakfast at 7 o'clock in the morning I have it at 7 o'clock in the evening. Some folks make their dinner the last nieal in the day, but I never could get nsed to that. I can sleep better on a light meal, so I have my dinner in the middle of the day - I mean the middle of the night - and my supper about 5 o'clock in the morning. "This schedule works all right for the first half of the night. There's plenty of life then, and I can go tothe theater and one place and another, btit after dinner, I mist say, I find it pretty tedious. When I was at work and roy mind was occupied, I never thought auything about it, but uow it is different. This is a bigger town than it used to be, and it's open all night. There's plenty of occupations nowadays that people work at all night, but the people that work at 'em are working at 'em. Yon don 't see 'em around the streets, and the general fact remains that most people work days and sleep nights, and the cold faot is that from dinner time to snpper time I feel sort o' lost. "But I'mnot discouraged. Idou't suppose I could change the habits of a lifetime in a minute, and I shall just keep on trying till I get my hours shifted around again like other people's." -


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