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With An Axe

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Whittaker is all stirred up over a murderous assault made by George Bryint npon Jim Thompson, both colored, 3 n Monday. It is another version of the old line fenoe story. Each man owns about 20 acres of land and their little farms adjoin. Thompson olaimed the fenoe separating them was two or three feet over on his land. The fenoe was to be repaired this year and a row over it was engendered. Bryant Monday commenced the repairs of the fenoe on the old lines. Thompson said he would out the posts down if placed in the old holes. Bryant said if Thompson ent the posts down he would proceed to ent him. Thompson proceeded to cut away at the post when Bryant swnng his axe and struok Thompson on the shonlder. Thompson arose and Bryant threw the axe at him, striking him in tbe forehead. Thompson chased Bryant till he feil from loss of blood. When the wound was dressed by Drs. Post and Root it was found the shoulder bone was shattered to some extent and a small piece of the bone gone. Negroes in the vicinity stood guard over Bryant's home all night to see that he could not make his escape and in tbe morning complaint was made by one of their number at Ypsilanti. When arrested Bryaut claimed thatTbompsou threatened to hit him with the axe and he (Thompson) claimed and that the blow was struck by him in self defense.


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