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Trilby's Feet Were Magnets

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The city fathers were to have met in regular weekly sesfion Monday evening, bntt hey didn't. One DuManrier, an Englishman who is blind in one eye and wears a mouocle in the other, as indireotly to blame for it while Manager Sawyer, of the local opera house, was more direotly responsible. When the members of the cut-down-expense admjnistration heard that Trilby would appear barefooted Monday evening there was one mernber who said he was going anyway. Then when it was hinted that Trilby would pose altogether different from that two aldermen said that tbey had engagements to nurse their children through attaoks of measles and whooping oough, respeotively; and when Manager Sawyer came over to the court houso early in the evenine and said that the front row of the parquet was at the aldermen's disposal there was such a jump Erom seats that the A. A. Gas company's chandelier present to the oity olinked its tin ornameDts together and one alderman put his ioot through his hat in his celerity and dispatch. Two aldermen thought Trilby was wicked and wouldn't go. The others went. They are glad they did, for they saw a niighty good play and the city's interests could wait twenty-four hours with no harm being xtoue. They therefore metWednesday night wheu the aldertuen who attended were acoused of using the art of Svengali in hornswoggling the two of the couucil who didn't go into snpporting a resolntion of condolence and respect duly drawn and framed. expressing their great deliht that Manager Sawyer thought of thein and permitted them to gaae on Trilby 'b little toe free of admissioa.


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