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There was sleighing on the pavements this morning. Sheriff-to-be Hiram Lighthall, of Chelsea, was in the city yesterday. Chas. H. Kline has goue to join Mayor Walker and his deer hunters. The organ in the old University h apel will be moved to the S. C A. bnilding. ____ The Lyra Maennerchor will have a fine concert at Turner hall on Thanksgiving evening. Louis DePoe, a 'varsity alumnus, becomes the New York representative of the Chicago Tribune. Prederiok Sohmid atteuded a meeting of the trustees of the Eastern Michigan asylum at Pontiao yesterday. Mrs. Blanche Bach was granted a divorce form Jas. R. Bach at Cleveland, Ohio. Sne was given custody of the child Lois. An order has beeu made by the judge of probate turning over Mrs. Edith Clancy's little girl to the care of Will Clancy, brother of the child's father. The conductor on the city street railway expect to feel the axe desoend Saturday. The cars have been fitted with electric bells and fare boxes. The Keystone club house at Znkey lake will resouud with merriment Thauksgiving when President Langsdorf will give a big dinner there. It is claimed that the road roller is breaking down the corner of the lamp holes and the pipe itself, and that the pieces thns made fall into the sewer. The U. of M. Daily will issue a twelve page paper for the game in Detroit tomorrow. The paper will sell for flve cents and will be full of football form first to last columns. Miss Stocking of this city has been engaged for a little over a year on the state censns returns at Lansing. The returns have been made up and Miss Stooking will return to Ana Arbor. The rata of taxatiou this fall is $8.75 ou $J,000 valuation. A new M:ohigan Central timo table goes iiito effect uext Snnday. Henry Wesh of HTWest Second street ' celebrateshisfifty-mnth birthday today. ' : A party of college girls last week i raised $125 for the woman's gym froru ', jusiness men. The lioard of control has petitioned 'ves. Angoll for a new grandstand at he Athletic field. A marriage license was granted to , Albert Thayer and Alary Fuller, of YpsiJanti, Nov. 18. i The gymnasium has reoeived an elegant set of reading room furnitnre from Graad Rapids. David Sohneider, of Preedom, and Lonisa Rehm, of Lima, were granted a license to marry, Nov. 19. The Thauksgiving day gaine in Chicago will be played in the morning, game being called at eleven o'clook. Sol Zebbs is a guest of Captain Nicholson of the Detroit house of oorreotion for 65 days for an assault and battery. Notwithtandng the inclemency of the night a large crowd attended the Theodore Thomas concert Tnesday evening. The 2öth meeting of the Michigan Scboolmasters' club will be held in this oity Friday and Satnrday, Nov. 29 and 30. The Thanksgiving football game will occnr in Chicago on Marshall Field. A crowd of 10,000 people is expected to )e present. Capt. E. P. Allen, of Ypsilanti, will ;ive an autobiographical talk Monday evening in the Unity course.npon "The Greatest Amerioan." Many of the preliminary contests for ;he big Chicago debate in Febrnary have )een held. The inter-society contest will take place in all probability December 14. Omar F.Neff.a law student, has been arrested and takeiJ to Laporte, Iiid. , to answer to a charge of forgery. The offence charged against him is the mutilation of an abstract title. The gall some people have ! The Minnesota Ariel says that the defeafc of Chicago by Minnesota inakes the latter cbampions of the west. ignoring the jame of tomorrow with Michigan. Santanelli, the mesmerist, seemed to je more of a show at Ypsilanti than in Ann Arbor. He roesmerirzed a man who had hnrt his leg and was going on crutches so that he walked aaross the stage without aid. Jacob Laubengayer, of Lodi, was arrested yesterday by Marshal Peterson for allowing his team to stand on the street from two o'clock until midnight the day before. He was flned $8 and costa by Justice Pond. Miss Emma Meyeis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Meyers, of 40 Summit street, died this morning at half past ïve, after a lingering illness, aged 29 years. The funeral services will be aeld Sunday at 2 :80 p. m., at her late jome. The 'varsity faculty has been receiving letters from Cornell seniors who desire to know if they may gradúate tiere this year. They have had a fall out with the faculty on account of the introductiou of the "Harvard system," whatever that may mean. The anatomical laboratory is said to be getting shy of cadavers. The state's prisons and other penal institutions from which the dead are snpposed to be shipped there are not living up to the state law. A resolution was passed at the board of regents' meeting yesterday authorizing a visit by a medical professor to these inatitutions to asoertain the oause of the shyness. The architect, of " Washtenawisms" in the Ann Arbor Argus "has heard the Vassar girl teil about being subordinated to the meteoroloigcal conditions of the atmosphere. " Perhaps be has. Wasn't he a pretty thing to turn loose in a female seminary ! - Monroe Demoorat. All very funny, Mr. Smith, but the "architect" found that block in the columns of the school notes of a county exchange. Treasurer Sonle has been hnnting Dear and deer in the north woods. Wednesday afteruoou a womau fakir ' ,veut into the telephone exchauge and iold ODe of the "helio" girls a penny penoil for tive cents, on preteuse of béng deaf and dumb. When the woinan :eoeived the chauge she said "thank , rou" very iutelligently. Next Monday evening Capt. Allen will lecture before the Unity clnb upon 'The Greatost Amenoau." Those who have heard this lecture recominend it in the highest terrus and a large audiïnce ought to turn out and learu from :he eloquent captain who is "The Sreatest American. ' ' The class of '97 held a class meeting Monday and elected the following offl3ers: C. F. Gillett, president; Mr. Keating, treasurer; A. W. Canfleld, baseball manager; Mr. Hntchiuson, track manager. Arthur M. Smith was made ohairman of the social oommittee with power to manage the class social affaris. The humane officer intends to make it warm for those who tie horses un-( blauketed on our streets this winter. It is a mean man who will allow a dumb brute to suffer and the officers do Dot intend that people ooming under that head shall not be liable to the Iaw5 It behooves farmers to look after their horses when they tie them to a post for an all day stand, for if they are not properly cared for the owner will be arrested and fined. Jav C. Taylor, the tenor of the Carlton company, comes to his native town to play in opera for the first time in his fifteen years operatic experience. He has occupied tho position of leading tenor with many of the best opera companies ever organized, including, MoCaull, Carleton, Templeton, Hess, Andrews, and Lillian Russell. His many frieuds in Ann Arbor will be glad of an opportunity to hear him in company with singers of recognized ability. The representativo of the "Headlight, " the proposed advertising scheme for the cities along the Michigan Central, was at th? common conucil meeting Wednesday night and had his ears set tingling by Aid. Bntterfleld, who roasted the proposed scheme and said that the city had no right to invest money in such an undertaking. Aid. Prettymau made a pretty discourse in his favor. After the meeting the aforesaid r. o. t. "H" grew a little warm in his muffler and rnade some remarks abont not caring to have his work criticized by a "pettifogger. " City Clerk Mills rushed to his friend's rescue aud paid baok the dapper gentleman's compliment with a good deal of interest, and things became so waim in the room that it was never noticed that the flre had gone out. There was a meeting of the board of regents yesterday and oorisiderable business was difpatohed. Treasurer i Soule's report showed that the year ending June 80 last was cominenced i with $44,731 in the treasury and ended ! with $5,914. The reoeipts for the 1-6 i mili tax amounted to $188,333 and that j from the Dniversity interest fnnd was i $37,389. The total atnouut from ents' fees for the year was $147,545. i Of this sum the literary department furnished $51,790; Iu aocordanee with a report of Dean C Worcester of the museum there will te one or two changes made there fr the better. Mr. Worcester was east this summer aüd got a good many new and good ideas by visiting museums in New York and other points. The birds for instance in the museum will hereafterno longer ait perched on a white stick but they will be arranged in such a manner that their habits and manner of living will be shown by the background. Mr. Woroaster also leported the finding of a number of pictures taken in China during the Steere expedition. These pictures had been laid away in a closet as junk. He has brought them to light and mounted them for publio inspeption. The regenta decided to drop all titudents, 18 in number, who had not paid their dues. It was also voted to hold all head professors responsible for amounts overdrawn in their budgets. Only pure Havana used as filler in Gorman's Royal Red Top Cigars. Baltiinore oysters at Besimer's.


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