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No intelligent person shonld haveany krabt abont absinth being a dangerons, ; insidions and snbtle liquor. Whatever tercnporary service it may yield, subject to medical advice, the moment that i gity ceases its further nse is a cruel I tiou of tbe lawa of bealth and is not inapt to lead to the abaudonment of common deceney iu appearanco and deportment. The practical and scientiflc conclnsions In regard to the use of absinth are Bntnmed up briefly in the statement that "the evil effects of drinking absinth are very apparent. Frequent intoxication or moderate but steady tippling ntterly deranges the digestivo system, weakens the frame, induces hofrible dreams and hallucinations and may cnd in paralysis or iu idiocy. " Chambers says: "Absinth is a spirit flavored with the pounded leaves and ícvwering tops of certain species of artemisia, chiefly worrnwood, together with angélica root, sweet flag root, star anise and other aromatics. The aromatles are macerated for abotit eight days Ín alcohol and then distilJed, the resnlt being a green colored liquor. Adnlteration is largely practiced, usually with the essential oils of others herbs, but even blue vitriol is sometimes fonnd in so called absinth. lts effect u pon either man or woman not actively engaged in manual work of some kind must be dangerons. It makes the brain dull and unpeliable. Under its effects the merest glimpses of mental sunshine are immediately f ollowed by prolonged periods of dejection. Sensible persons are safest if


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