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People Who Look Over Houses

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"My duty is to show intending tennts over the 'honses to let' which appear on onr books, ' ' said a man employed by one of the great firms of land and house agents in London. "Itmight snrprise you to know that some people have a perfect craze for looking over honres, though they are comfortably boused enongh already and have no imxnediate intention of removing. I have Bhown the rane conple - iniddie aged folks with notbing to do apparently - over scores of honses, from cottages to mansions. "And as for 'faddy' people - well, I an afraid that the ladies are, in general, the hardest to please, but then, yon sea. the vehole responsibility is mostly left to them. Scme of them find that every house they look at bas some serious drawback, and they will keep me for hours at a time while they peer abont. As a general principie the ladies want a bigger aud finerhonse than they can afford. Often enough the gentleman ■who accompanies them never says a word, bnt lolls abont and smokes


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