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The End Of The World

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Elwood, Ind., Nov.21.- In an interview soncerning the Adventist belief regarding ihe present Turkish troubles and their reiation to prophecy, Eider W. H. Ebert of Frankton, Ind., one of the leading exponents of that bslief, said: "Wo Seventh Day Adventists believe the present Turkish crisis foreshadows the nd of the world, the destruction of its kingdoms, and the second coming of Jesus Christ. We base our belief upon the fulfillment of prophecy, and see in the présent movements of the nations the gathering together of the nations to fight ihe last great battlo of the centuries - the Battle of Armageddon. The )t I oniii .: Power. "The Ottomau power, or the Mohamrceïan power, is the one meant in the ninth chuptcr of Revelations, to which was was given the power to torment men flve months, or 150 years in prophetic time, when it was to gain supremacy and be given power to kill men 3'il years and fifteen days. The Ottoman power fulfllls all these conditions, for it was founded by Othman July 26, 1299, and for 150 years tormented men, when it became supreme until Aug. 11, 1840. When the 391 years and fifteen days ended it killed the third part of men, as prophecied, when it power was dned up to prepar the way of the kings of the lost, which was f ulfillod when France, Russia, Prussia, and England forced their ultimatum on the Mohanimedan power, Aug. 11, 1840. Thus was fulfilled the flrst part of the visión of the sixth vial. Three Unclean Spirits. "The three unclean spirits were then loosed and went forth to deceive the nation, and they are spiritualism, nihilism and infidelity, and they are doing their work well They are gathering the nations together to the great Battle of Armageddon. The king of the south - possibly English power - after overruning Egypt, Soudan and Turkey, will encamp in the gloriouB Holy mountain in the Holy Iand, and the nations will be compelled to bring their mighty armies and munitions of war against this power and will encamp in the Plains of Armageddon. "The nations are now moving towards that battlefleld, and all their terrible imiiements of modern warfare will be there .viien tue seventh vial is pourud, when the bittle of Armageddon, which is described in symbols in Rsv., 16 chap., 17, 31, will result. The great city of the n.ins will be that tonted field, and it will ue divided into three parts - t.he Roman power, the Mahommedan power, and the other powers represented Lak of Fire and liriinstone. "The hail spoken of meanscannon balls; the earth'quake, the explosión of the batteries, and the lake of flre and brimstone will be the battlefleld itself. It will be a battle of annihilation, and the kingdoms of the world will go down to riso no more. The United States will probably not be represented in this battle, but will be araong the remnant left to be destroyed afterward. Whea thi3 battle occurs, aa it shortly must, its climax will be the second coming of Christ. "The end of all things is even now at the door, and the nations cannot long straugle the Turkish complications, as the unrest of nations is urgiug tnem on to bring about these things, for fear of which nations are tremblüig. The time ia near; watch." .


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