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Let Politics Alone

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Washington, Nov. 21.- Laf e Pence of Colorado, who carne into congreas on the western Bilver wave of 1892, and who went out on the Republican tidal wave of 1894, f: in Washington. He made something of a hit as a Populist orator in the Fifty-third congress, but on the expiration of his term settled in New York state, whero he engasred in business with ex-Congressman Haines. Mr. Pence will remain in Washington some time as a looker-on. To a reporter he said: "Haines and I made an agreoment to devote ourselves entirely to business for flve years. It is not always the easiest thing in the world to carry out an agreeimnt such aa Haines and I made, and now and then an occasion avises in which we have to draw the contract on each other. Bronght Out the Contract. "Some time ago Haines wanted to attend a couuty convention, but I brought out the contract and he had to keep away. He stands ready to draw it on me at any sugrgestion on iny part of mixing up in political matters. ïhis contract is a very clear and binding one and it was witnessgd by our wives, who are determined to seo that we do not forget it. "If I had not gone out of politics I think I would soon have trouble in keeping up my life insurance, for politics ineant too little nioney and too niuch expense. I am now working for the Pence family. When a meeting was held to welcome Amos Cummings in New York oity I at flrst thought I could not attend and it was the funniest political meeting I ever saw. In fact, it was not political at all and that was the reason I could attend it without broaking my contract. There were old soldiers, Pepublicans, and almost everybody except Democrats there. It was simply an outbreak of evidonce of Mr. Cummings' great popularity."


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