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M'kinstry Arrested

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C. P. MpKinstry, county treasurer' and ex-city clerk of Ypsilanti, waa arrested in Detroit Monday night at the ïotel Reuand, where he had gone that afternoon. The arrest was made on a ;elegram rooeived at Detroit pólice ïeudquarters from Deputy I Sherifï Isaao Davis, of Ypsilanti. Fot sorue weeks the finaiiial committee of the Ypsilauti city oonncil have been investigating the acootints of Mr. McKinstry while he was city clerk of Ypsilanti. Various sohrtages were fonnd, which were surumarized in the report of the committee made to the counoil November 4, asfollows: Water Works Fund (shortage.) May 1. 189:) to May 1, 1891 $ 410 23 Muy 1, 1894 to May 1, 1HU5. b44 11 Sewer Fund (shortace) May , 189 to May 1, 1894 366 21 Muy 1, 1884 to May 1, 1896 :il 50 Sewer Connection Futid ifthotrage) May 1, 1898 to M.ay 1, 184 146 M Mayl, JS94 to May 1, 1895 81 óT Contingent Fuixl 'stiojtage) Mayl, 1893 te May (,1881 16 00 May 1, 1SB4 toMay 1 1895 38 00 Not accounted for 30 0' Total amount oí shortage Í1. 938 19 These shortages are said to have ocourred in a variety of ways. For instance, a cirons is said to have paid in $30, with no entry being made, receipts were said to have been given foi water tax, the stubs being inarked paid, etc. Mr. McKinstry laid part of the shortage at the door of a clerk aud claimed that the finding of the committee was far iu exi.ess of the tine arnount. He asked for arbitration and deposited a certifícate of deposit for $1,405.70 with the Ypsilanti Savings bank, on November 18, which was not, to be returned to him uutil $1,405 was deposited in the bank to apply on auy sñortage which ruight be fouud to exist in his accounts as city clerk. List Saturday Mr. MoKinstry made a deinand on the cashier of the bank for the certifícate, bnt the city got out au injnnotion restraining the cashier f rom deíivering itto him. Af ter this move, a criminal complaint was enteted against him and Deputy Sheiiff Davis, of Ypsilanti, came to Ann Arbor Monday afternoon to arrest him. He was not here, but was arrested by Detroit officer8 on a telegram from this city and locked up at the central station in Detroit. The certifícate of deposit given to the Ypsilanti Savings bank, it turns out, did not belong to McKinstry at all, but was given him by the Farmers' and Meohanics' bank to turn over to Miss Mary A. Keating as soon as she discharged a first mortgage on some lots in this city whch had been assiguecl to the bank. The bank here demauded the certifioate which was only iu McKinstry's hands as register of deeds and this demand nndoubtedly cansod his attempt to get back the certifícate froin the Ypsilanti bank. Mr. McKinstry was arraigned before Justice Childs Tuesday afternoon and his examination was fixed for December 16 with bonds for $1,000. He rein ained nnder surveillance until Wednesday evening, when ex-Sheriff Dwyer went on his bond. He has employed Toni Navin, of Detroit, and Chai:. H. Kline, of this oity, to defeud him. Mr. MoKinstry as onr readers know was elected register of deeds a year ago on the republican ticket. Two years previously he had run for the same position. He ser ved two years as city I clerk of Ypsilauti, and it is said that for his second year no bonds were filed.


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