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Cassius Hall, an Ypsilanti mechan'c oí the Hay Todd genus, has just received a pateut for a bose coupling. All the ladies of the place are expeoted to purchase fainily rights. Miss May Halstead, of Milan. surprised the editor of the Leader last week by laying upon his table her father's ears. He sent in three ears of oorn and they were most as long as those of an Adrián alderman. Father Considine, of Chelsea, completed ten years of service at St. Mary's ohuroh in that place, and last Friday evening a public reception was tendered him in honor of the eventIt was the nearest he conld oome to celebiaïing his tin wedding. The Monroe Democrat sounds the note of warning, that there is a strict law against killing uniskrats or destroying their houses, and declares tbat the law will be eufbrced. Danger to Monroe's natural meat snpply will not be tolerated, for a moment. Frank Legg, of Ann Arbor and Miss Franc Doir were married last week. A vivacious yonng lady met the bride the next day, and af ter kissing her enthusiastically, exclaimed, "JIow's your Le - er, hnsbaud ?'" and she áctally blnshed right there and then. Geo. Thumin, an ypsilanti saloouisti negleoted to observe election day as a legal holiday for budge sellers. "Thurnm's up, " said the offioer to the court next day. The jnstice didn't want to break au x, so he made ifc an even ten. Thumm was on hand, with the liqniding agent, and went back to count np the profits. At an auction sale near Manchester lately, 1,500 bushels of corn were sold for 15 cents a bushel. And some of those farmers over tfaere will keep right on voting the republican ticket or bowling for" money" until they have to hire someone to cart off their grain. ' A Dundee man last' week underwent a surgieal operation for tic doloreaux, a nervons affection that affectcd painfully his face. The surgeou severed the "flfth pair of nerves. " We know several of our subscribers for whom we will be obliged to cali for snrgical treatment for "tick dollar owe" and who have the nerve to keep on owing too. Gentlemen cal! and see us.and save snrgeon's fees. A little payin' and yon will be rid of the affliction. Ah there, Washtenaw ! $9,000 increase in county expenses the first year of republican rule, in addition to the big inorease in republican state tax, will serve to reinind you Chat the tariff and reoublican supremacy are a tax. Every mother's son of a tax payer, who helped vote for republicanism last year is having his woodchucks brought back home. How's your free wool? How's your gold standard? How's yonr politica health? How do you like your political flop? Got a change, haven't you? Got it bad too. Vote the republican ticket to please Cleveland, will you? Compare democratie tax receipts with your first republican tax souvenir. Ponder over it. It costs something besides your manhood, your honor, your sense of equal justice to all, to be a republican. It costs cash. Wheat half price, taxes doublé. You left the democratie party. You voted with the republican party. You are "right in it." Ah there ! Stay there.