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Abont 40 couples paitieipated in the ïop given 'by the Cycle Club last ' week Thursday eveniug. Each momber of Co. A will reoeive ;3.15 fronj the state for attending the iate enuampment last sumiuer. Consins & Hall, the florists, did a very kindly aot one day last weekwhen they sent a large uurnber of ent flowers to the University hospital. Thursday evening of last week several friends of Mr. aud Mrs. B. St. James j happened in upon thern to ansist in the celebration of Mrs St. James' birrhday. Edward A. Brugel, of this city. a '97 lit, was married Nov. 19, to Miss Emma L. Kuehbarth, of Riverton. The'r home will bein Cincinuati , where they were mairied.. Karl Jedele and Miss Lydia J. Laubengayer weve married at lla. m. yesterday at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Laubengayer, of Lodi. Michael Kenny, aged 62, died at his home, 46 N. Ashley street, last Priday, after a lingering illness with consumption. Funeral services were held from St. Thomas church Monday morning and the remains were interred in St. Thomas cemetery. Professor Kelsey had a very fina audence at the Presbyterian churob last Triday e7ening to listen to bis leeture upou "A Snmmer in Pompeii." The ecture was acooinpauied by a number of handsouie stereopticon views, the jictures for which wore taken by Mrs. ielsey. A writ of habeas corpus, ïnadereturnable December 3, has been granted by ;he snpneme oourt which will have the effect of turning over little Margaret Clancy to Wm. Clancy, jr., who has been appointed the child's guardián. tfr. and Mrs. Arnold, sr. , of Kalainazoo, have been in possession of the child and refnsed to give her up. One of the medie watchers who had charge of the five da.vs sleeping subject of the hypnotizer man, Santanelli, says one nibgt he thought the sleeper was about to oome out of nis hypnotized state and tho medio asked him if he was thirsty and anted some water. Che answer carne "Nau! Give me some beer. ' ' Last Thursday was the fiftieth I 'ersary of Courad Krapf's initiatiou nto the ranks of Oddfellowship. That veninghis brethern of Washtenaw lodge )aid him a visit and he was presentad pith an Odd Fellows' jewel. Charles 3poor took the initiatory degree with Mr. Krapf and is still living at the age )f 85. Mr. Krapf is 86 years of age. The second concert in Choral Union series will be given by Madame Clemjntine DeVere-Sepeo, of New York. The date is Monday evening, December 3. Madame DeVere has bnfc recently returned from a long season abroad, where she was reoeived with unbounded snthusiasrn. She is a singer of the most brilliant technioal attainments. in her individual Hne, easily the peer of any American singer. The vocal selections will be intersperced by violin solos by Mr. Zeitz, who will also play an obligato to the Ave Maria - Bach Gounod. The athletio criticisms by John B. Holmes that are appearing regularly in the American Unive.rsity Magazine are just what have long been needed. They are bright and entirely fearless, and Mr. Holmes kflows what he is talking about. He is one of the few men who has not hesitated to criticize the managers of the Onrnell crew. James A. LeRoy.the champion distance runner iu the west, is tne editor of a similar department on Western Interoollegiate Athletics. Mr. LeRoy is thoroughly acquainted with the situation in the west and his effort to hold up a mirror to the western atbletics is the firsi chance they have had to look at themselves. The street car oornpany, wheii it eudeavored Saturday to put into effect the new rule releasing the conductora, ran up against a snag which ïnadeitmighty unpleasaut for those who depended upou the cars to get down town on a bad day. The inotormen were requesled by the company to work twelve hours, the same as before, at theoldrate, 1.50 per day. The motorruen were of the opinión that if the conductora were laid off that their dutios would become too ardouous at the old rate and refused to go out with their cars Saturday. One motorman was an exception to the rule, and he, with two old ruotorrnen and two motormen f rom Detroit, were put on in the evening. On Monday the conductors were with the cars. President Winter says there was no strike on the road and that he had a conference with each motorman separately and that he had told them that he would endoavor to flnd them pi aces somewhere else. He also says that the cars will be provided with couductois on wet and slippery days and that conductors will be placed back on the road in the spring when the traffic makesitpossiblefrom a flnancial point of view. A book of orchestra music was fonnd on the Whitmore Lake road Nov. 23. Owner may have same by calling at the Argus office, desoribing property and paying for this advertisement. lt One fourth off on all frame piotures for 30 days at Stabler's. I will be at the connty treasurer's office in the court house the last three Thuredays in December for the colleotiou of the Scio township tax. On all other dayti of the month Iwill be fonnd at my office in Dexter village. Jay Keith, Scio township treasurer. 4t