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The editor of the Ypsilantian should pin...

The editor of the Ypsilantian should pin... image
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The editor of the Ypsilantian should pinchase a dictionary and stndy the difference between the words "deduct" aod "dednce. " The confusión iu nis ruiud arisiug from lack of the dictionary gavo rise to a bitter half column attack on the Argus. If the whole of the Argns editorial had been quotrd, the Ypsilantian's readers would have seen who was "ignoraut of the use of language. " The Argus did say in roference to the increase of couuty expenses that it bad made no attempt to deduct from the figures of actual paymeiits furnished by the corumittees of the board of supervisors, amounts which niight be shown to be chargable to otber years, for such deductions could be made from both years and the amounts would about offset each other. In another column will be found the report of the committee of the board made this year, pnblished together with the tablo, the publication of which has made the Ypsilantian, the Sentinel, the Coniier and the Register so wrathy. It will be seen by looking at the two tables that our figures were official, and thatthey have the sanction of a good republican name. The first column of fignres in our own table are from the report of the committee of a year ago, ■whioh committee was composed of John B. Miner, Evart H. Scott and Eugene Oesterlin. The republicana are striving to lay the onus of tbe connty expenses npon the board of supervisors. Butthe officers who incur these expenses are republican, and furtherruore the board of supervisors pass only upon a small proporción of the expenses. As will be npticed in the table in another column, the eommittee of the board divide the expenses into trwo columns, one "orders on the contingent fund, " warrants drawn by the clerk on which the board does not pass. amounting for the year nding September 30, 1895, to $28,485.79, and the other "county orders," which are warrants drawn'by thelioard amonnting to $13.878 58. This shows that the Jboard is not to blame for the big expenses. Nëither do we blame it on the clerk ; be only pays the expenses the various officials incur. We have not nofciced a nnmber of flings which our brother of theYpsilanti Sentinel has seen fit of late to make at the Argus, and we shall not notice them now further than to make public the fact that they grqw out of the publication of the official proceedings of the board of supervisors in the Argus in■tead of the Sentinel. We should have been glad to have had the Sentinel publieh them, butas theycould not be published in both the Sentinel and the Argas, we naturally preferred to print them in the Argns. That is the extent at onr offending. Let us Jbe thankful tb at our state taies are not so very, very much over fchree million dollars. Let ns remember that this il a raise of only a million.


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