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How Our Figures Were Made

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Below we republish the coinparative table of ruoueys paid out of the connty treasnry froui October 1, 1898, to September 30, 1894, and from October 1, 1894, to September 30, 1895. We do it thiit our readers may keep the figures bsfore theru aud alao to show how they werecompile!. Thesecond table giveu in this colnnm is the official report of the conmiittee of the board of supervisors to compile the county expenses. It will be seen that the total column of (his table is exactly the same, item for iteni as the columu for the last year in the Argus table. The total column of the table of the previous year as pubïished iu the proceedings of the board is actly the same, item for item, as the figures in the first column of the Argus table. Backed p as the Argus table is by the offieal figures it is uo wonder that otir republican friends are Wrathy. But here are the tables, let them speak ! for theroselves REPOKT OF SPECIAL COMMITTEK. 1 To the Honorable Board of Supervisors of Washtenaw County: i Your committee, to whom was a3sigoed the dnty of preparing an itemized , statement of the expenses of the connty, incurred dnring the flgcal year of , 1894, snbmit the following report : The expenses of the couDty outside of the Poor Fnnd, from O$ober 1, 1894, to September 30, 1895, are itemized as follows, inclnding amountA rated by the Board at the October session, 1894. Committee.


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