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Rust On The Wires Of A Piano

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The appearance of rust on the tuning pins and the steel wires of a piano is a Bure indicatiou that the piano has been exposed to moisture or dampuess. The time of year or the age or quality of the piano has nothing to do vvith it, as rust may appear in a night. The fact that the room is heated by a stove just outside of it will probably account for the rust, as the chances are that after the usual cooliug of a fire overnight its heating in the morniug would be likely to cause condensatiou on the metal, and rust would iinmediately appear. Do not use oil or any greasy substance to remove it. It will probably not do any harm unless it causes the strings to break, in which case they will have to be replaced. Most pianos require tuning twice a year. The only important care to be given a piano is to keep it ia an


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