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Why People Like Dogs

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And wby do people keep such lots of i dogs thcruseives and go iu such n timbera to see other people's dogs: Because the dog is at ouce the sineeiest flatterer and the most suecessful cheerer that the human race ever luid. A good dog ahvays gives us the feeling that we men aud wennen areasort of gods. No other animal does aDything of the kind. The cat i treats us as au inferior, and the horse i â– will treat r.s ss a dear friend, not a vinity. The dog, uioreover, imparta something of his peculiar gayety to us ! in a way V. .at is irresistible. He niingles his suggessions of gayety with his fluttery, for lio not only leaves his diuuer ! untasted to walk with us, btit the mere ! fact that we are apparently giving ourselves the pleasnre of a walk raises hum into such a delirium of delight that the ; eight of it puts all our dumps and blues to such reproach that we shake thern off in very shame. Aud when we don't ' walk, but sit moodily at home, the dog curls up lovingly at our fee.t and looks up now and then into our eyes and "glides into onr darker mnsings with a wild and healingsympatby. " Yes, there is a solid reason for the fonduess of men for dogs, and it will never come to an i end uutil either men or dogs beconie very different beings from what they are uow. -


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