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English And Zulus

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Ccrant Tclstoi says the English and Zulus should botb be bracketed together as the two most brutal nations on earth. Both worsbip their inuscle, and while the Zulns go about naked all day long, English women strip themselves half naked before they dine. The count -wishes he had time to write a book about thein and their brntality. Apropos, some one has fonnd time to write a book abont the connt, and it promises revelations. This person is a lady wbo lived for ten yeara as governess in the Tolstoi farnily. The following story is told about the pretended vegetarianism : "The old count ahvays demanded that vegetarían dishes should be brougbt to the table for him, while his wife and the rest of the family ate beefsteaks and other flesh foods. "It ofteu happened tbat the countess would put a little chicken on her husband's píate, but he, with indignant looks, would push it back, murmnring : 'No, I will not eat meat. Absolutely, I will not. ' But I have often surprised him going to the sideboard for a pieoe of roast beef -which the evening before he had solemnly refused at table. The carnivorous instinct having beenawakened, the enormous piece of meat would be swallmxTorl in ntift hit.p hvtliis anostlñ of etarianism. "-


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