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New Ycvsk, Nov. Ü8. - Chauncey M. Depew has been lnteryiewed on the subject of Senator Sherman'a book II3 says: "Senatot Sherman's book, and ospecially i that part of i relatiugj to tho RspubUoan ! national conyention of 1JS8. naturally j evokos a graat deal criticisin. The timo - nearly e'ght years ago and tho confusión which always attends excitin? events in the convention- will account for the discrepancies in the n-irrativas of many of the gentlemou who, sineo the publlcation of the book and Sonator Sherman's interview up;m it havj contributed their niamoirs, so to -tpeak Bat obituaries are fpr films?, not for readlnt?, :is a rule. In this instance, howover, Stnaior Shernian has succeoJod in drawing out au exceediugly livcly corpse. Very Serions Charge. "It is certainiy a yjjry serioua chargn th;vt one candidate purchased delegates, thereby in j uring aud toking away frora the fiivorite of another state many votes. Afier thö actjournmenb of a convention the air is always f uil of rumurs of this kind and generally repeated with such vigor and oSrcumstances as to make ths thing seem aocordingiy plausible. But they raroly if ever are truc. There are al ways enough, of ooorse, of overt promises oy tho representativos of candidatos to substuntiate the charge of a bargain. But the candidate when In office repudiates these pledges on two grounds - first, that he was nou and would nut have been a party to a bargain to get the positiou, and sacondly, that 110 snch contract was ever made known to hini."


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