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Au authority on cats says that blue eyed cats are alvvays deaf and that pure white ones are afflicted iu the same manu er. SPECIFIC FOR SCROFULA. "Since childhood, I have been afflicted with scrofulous boils and sores, which caused me terrible suft'ering. Physieians were unable to help me, and I only grevv worse lLÈÊfo under their care. ilk At length, 1 began ?N AVCD'Q w AYtn O á'lfcj Sarsaparilla, and iiÊ" % very soon grew lje" WllL.tlt ter' After llsillg vf;i(WHJP half a dozen bottles '"-T I was completely cured, so that I have not liad a boil or pimple on any part of my body for the last twelve years. I can cordially recommend Ayer's Sarsaparilla as the very best blood-purilicr in existence." - G. T. Keinhart, Myersville, Texas. H H THE 0N1Y WOELD'S FAIE m Sarsaparilla Ayer's Cherry Pectoral cures Coughs and Colds Estáte of John W. Cowan. STATE OF MICHIGAN, C0UNT7 of Wasbte!iaTv,88. At a aession of th Probar Court for tbe Oounty oí' Washteuaw, bolden at the Probate Office, in tbe City of Ann Arbor. on Monday, the 11 th day of November, in the year one thousand eight hundred and uiuetyfive. Present, J. Willard BabbiH, Judpe of Probate. Intbe matter of the estáte of John W. Oowan, deceased. On reacuñar ondfilingf the pet i t ion, duly verifled, of Dorens M . Cowan praying that adrmnistration ot Baidestnte raay be granted toPamella C. Taylor, or sonic other suitable person. Thercupon it is ordered, that MoLday, the 9th day of December next, at ten o'elock in the fownoon, be assiened for the hearing of said pêtition', nnrt tlial the heirsatlaw of aaid deceaaed, and all oiber persons intereated íd said estáte, are required to appeur at a aession of auid court n to be bolden at the Probate office in the city oi Aun Arbor, and show cauBe, if any theie be, why the prayerofthe petitioner sbotild not be (ranted: And itieiurthei ordered that sftid peiitioner give uotice to tlie peisous interested in said uatateof the pendeny ol said pêtition, and tbe hearing thereof, by causiiiR a copy of this order to be publislied in the Anu Abbor Argus, a newapaper printed and circulated in said oounty, three sucecsdive weeks previous to sa'd day of hearing. J. WIIXARD BABBITT, [Atruecopy.] Judge of Probate Wm. O. Ooty. Probate Register Notice to Creditors. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Waahtenaw, sa. Notice is hereby given, thatbyan order of the Probate Oourt for the Connty of Waahtenaw, ti-iade on thelltb day oi Novwwber, A. D. 189ï, six raunths from that date were allowed for creditors to preBent their claims against the estáte oí' Edward Olney, late of aaid county. deceased, and that all creditors cf aaid decpasedare ieqnired to present t hei re] airón to said Probate Court, at the Probate OHice in the city of Ann Arbor, forexamination andallowance, on or before the llth day of May next, and that Buch clairua will be heard hefore 9aid Court on the llth day of February, and on the llth day of Ma next, at ten o'clock in the foie noon of each of said dava. Dated Aun Arbor, Nov. 11, A. D. 1S9S. J. WILLARD BABBITT, Tudïfe of Probate Commissioners' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY OF VVashtenaw. Tlie uodersigned havini; Besn appointed by the Piobate Court for aaid County, Jommissioners to receive, examine and adjrst all claims and demands of all persons against the estáte of David G. Rose, late of said County deceased, hereby give notice that six months from daie are allowed, by order ot said Probate Court, for Creditors to present tbeir claims agaiust the estáte of said deceased, and that they will meet at ihe lawofflee of A. F. and F.M. Freeman in the village of of Manchester, in said counly, on the llth day of February aud on 'the 1 Ith da of Maynext atteno'clock A.M.of each ol said days, to reeeive examine and ad.iust said claims. Dated Kovember 11, IS9B. WM. BUKTLESS, WM, F. HALL, Commissiorers Mortgage Sale. pEFAULT HAVING HEES MADE IN THE I' conditions of payment of a certain mortgage made the 9tC day of April. A. D. 1692, by John Pflsterer and Mary Pfisterer, liih wif'e. to John O. Suhmid, admiuistrator ot' Líie estáte of Christian Grisainan, deceased. whereby the power of sale therein conlamcd bas liccome operative, whieh mortgage was recorded in the office of the Beglsteroi Deeds for the County of Washteuaw, on the Oth day !f April, 1W2, in Liber 71) of Mortgagcs on patre 118, which mortgagre was dulv ümsíl'íutI bythe said morti?ageetotheundcrsignedadrainistr;ilorde bonis non, with the wi 1 annexcd, by cieed of a66lRriniert. dated the I9tb day of October, ]S'.)5. whicli asslgnment was recorded on the last named day in the office of the Uugister of Deeds afóresela, in Liber 12 of Aesignments of Inrtgafires, on pase 244; on whioh mortgage thpre is claimed to be due, at the date of tliis notloe, the siim of elevon tiundred and flve dollars, and no proceedingsat lawor in efluity havlng been lostltiited r col leut the said sum of nioney or any part thei-eof. Notioe Is therefore bereby glven tbat on the 27tii day of January, A. D. lsOC, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon of said day, at the soutb front of the Oom-t House, in the City of Ann Arbor.State ol Michigan, thesaid morí 'X'.ïi' vü! be foreolosed and tBe iands and tenements by the eaid mortgage conveyed Avill bc sold at public auctionor vemlnc to the i bidder to satisfy the prlnoipal and interost seoured thereby and the rost and expenses of these prooeedlngs, lncludlng an I mi oey's fee of thirty-five dollars provided for thereln The liinds. tenements and premises in the said mortKfljro mentioned and then and there to be sold are described as follows: All that certain parcel of land situatcd in the city ot Ann Arbor, Michigan, bounded and ilesoribed as follows, to-wit: the west onefourth of Lot o. tivc. in Blook No. three, north of Huron street, Kanjre six east, accordini? to the reo.orded plat of the City of Ann Arbor, and containiug one-flfth of an aore of land. Dated, Ann Arbor, Uctober30th, 195. JACOB J REIOHERT. Admiuistrator de boni" non with thwill anexetl of the estáte of Christian tírosenrm, d'-ccascd. E. B, NOBRTR, Attorney for Assignee of Mortgage.


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