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Jay Keith, of Dexter, was in the city Tuesday. Silas Saxton was in Detroit Tuesday on business. Mrs. Nellie Holheiruer spent Thanksgiviug at Mt. Pleasáut. Karl E. Harriman is home froin Toledo for a brief stay. Sam Langsdorf, of Detroit, was in Ann Arbor over Suuday. Mrs. B. F. Watts is a guest for a few days of relativos iu Flint. Miss F. C. Cook spent Thanksgiving with her pareuts at Corunna. Will Abbie, of Decorah. Iowa, is in the city greeting old friends. Miss Emnia Hayley spent Thanksgivng with relatives in Jackson. Miss Florence Sterrett spent Thanksgiving with Kalamazoo friends. Dr and Mrs. J. W. Morton ace Thanksgiving turkey in Detrojt. Miss Abbie A. Pond was a guest of Dexter relatves over Thanksgiving. Dr. Geo. Cattermole, of Lansing, spent Snnday with his parents here. A. A. Pearson ate Thanksgiving turkey with his parents in Troy, Ohio. Eev. M. J. Fleming, of Dexter, was a guest Mouday of Rev. E. D. Kelly. Miss Belle Donaldson, of Detroit, spent Suuday with Ann Arbor friends. Mrs. Sophia Batchelder spent Thanksgiivng with her daughter iu this city. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Clement spent Sunday at home with Mrs. Clement's father. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Beal aüd daughter Alta spenfc Thanksgiving in Dexter. Mrs. Johu Fiegel, of Pittsfield, spent the -week with her daughter, JVIrs. Enoch Dietelèr. Mayor Walker aud his party of deer hunters have returued froin the northern woods. Geo. H. Chapman, '96 law, has gone to his home at findson to nurse a broken leg. W. W. Wedemeyer discussed the tenderness of Thanksgiving turkey with friends in Kalainazoo. Mrs. W. W. Watts spent Thanksgiving as a gnest of the faraily of W. H. Whitinarsh, of Milan. Mrs. N. P. Kellogg, of Oraiige, Mass., is a gnest of Mrs. Durhem, of South División ttreet. W. D. Harriman spent Sunday with his son Karl, who is dramatic critic upon the Toledo Commercial. Mrs. G. W. Patterson spent Thaiiksgiivng with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Rowley, of Adrián. Lonis Rolland, of Denver, Col. , stopped off here this week to visit friends. He is on his way to Europe. Herman Hendriokson, of Chicaog, was a gnest this week ofhis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hendrickson. John W. Bennett went to Chicago Wednesday- of conrse not to see the football game, but on business. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Travis, of Plainwell, and Mr, and Mrs. Frank Travis, of Cooper, spent Thanksgiving in Ann Arbor. Mrs. F. C. Hall, of Rives.. returned home Monday from a visit with her daughter, Mrs. W. H. Dorrance, jr., of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bnry and Deputy Sheriff Caufield attended Mr. Orman Clark's funeral last Friday at his late residence in Lyndon. Irving Pond was home from Chicago Thanksgiving to isit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Pond, of State street. Mr. Pond has just finished a trip in the east. Mr., and Mr. Will S. Carpen ter, of Ypslauti, took Thanksgiving dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Seabolt, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Beal. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bennett entertained as Thanksgiving guests Judge and Mts. T. Crocker, of Porr, Hurón, and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Crocker, of Mt. Clements. Prof. Joseph J. Daynes, of Salt Lake City, who ie organist in the Tabernacle there was in the city this week as a guest of Prof. J. J. McClellan and other friends. He left Taesday evening for Boston and will look up improvements made in the manufacture of pipe organs in the east.


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