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Sultan Backs Down

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Constantinople, Nov. 28. - [Copyrtghted, 1895, by the Associated Press.]- The ïurkish minister for foreign affairs, Towfik Pasha, called upon Sir Philip Currio, the British ambassador, and announced that the porte had decided to issue the flrmans, providing for the passage through the Dardannelles of the extra guardships domanded by Great Britain, Kussia, Italy, and Austria, as additional protection needed for the safety of the foreign population hore, in view of the reaent rioting in the streets of Constantinople. This puts an end to a very dangerous situation, for there is no doubt that the powers would have insisted upon having the extra gunboats here. The Outrage at Kharput. More ampie delails haye just been recoivod here of tho burning of tho American mis.ion buildings at Kharput. They show that the Turkish govurnment officials utterly failed to gaard the Americans. There was no protection offerod or given them uatil after the massacre luid actually occurred and after .the American mission buildings had been actually burnod. It is estlmated that the value of ths American property dsstroyed is about $100,000. It consisted of the girl's college, the theological seminary, the chapel and flve residences. All the burned buildings were loott:d by the mob before belng set aflre, and all tlie personal effeets of the American missionaries, the libraries, scientific instrunients, etc, were stolen. Latües in Great Terror. So far only a small proportion of the property has boen recovered. The lady missionaries were naturally in a groat terror while the rioting was going on, and Mts. Gates, the wife of one of the missionaries, was so prostratod with alarm that sho gave premature birth to a child, which did not live. The authorities Kharput, however, protected the missionaries after the latter fled from their residences to the official quarters. From that time on the Americans were kept under guard, and those who so desired were furnished with escorts to the Black sea coast.


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