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An important legal step was taken on Tnesday wfaen the Aun Arbor Milliug Co. filed a petition for au injunution in the circuit court, asking that the Aun Arbor Water Co. inay no longer be privileged to take water from the river. The bil! fitad states that the plaintiff, a Corporation owning the Sinclair milis, have had the water privlege of the Huron river ever since their mili was erceted and that the mili was built and duly constructed in acoordance with the understanding tbat the water light should belong to thein. They claim that previous to the putting in of the water works that the Siuclair mili was capable of turning out 5,000 barrels of flour a inonth and of working 550 hours per mouth, but that now it only averages 380 working hours a month and the output of flour has been reduced to 1,600 barrels per mouth. Iu result of their inability to keep np their average output the inilling conipany claims that they are unable to store all the grain that accumulates. The plaintiff also claims that by using the springs near tho river that the underground water supply to the river is cut off. This supply of water is uever returued to them, and the rnill claims that the waier oompany has no right in law or equity to the water iu the stream. The suit is brought against A. Kent Hale, as receiver of the water company. What the water works company would do provided such an injunction should be issued, it is hard to imagine All sorts of images of a city unprotnoted from fire and drying up in the snmmer for lack of water may come before the eyes of the business men and citizens in genei al, but it is hardly probable that any such result may be looked for. A similar suit wa& iustitnted at Flint about flve years ago by a mili owner, but the water works is still pumping water out of the river and probably will as long as the company exists.


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