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Compromise Offered

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The Ypsilanti aonnoil Mouday nisht adopted the following report with refereuce to the MoKinstrey trouble: To the honorable, the mayor aud coinmon conuoil of the city of Ypsilauti: Your eommittee to whom was referred tho settlemeut of C. P. MeKinstrey's shortage, report as follows: Mr. MoKinstrey agrees to pay to the city of Ypsilauti within oue week the sum of $l,3öO to apply on the shortage and agroes to make an agreenient as to the payment of tho balance of the actual shortage as soon as Hs amonut can be ascejtaiued. the same to be ascertaiiied within two weeks frorn this date. In case the above araonnt is paid to the oity as above stated it is on the conditions that the bond given by .Mr. McKiustrey be cancelled and that all .proceedings now against him be discontinned. Yonr committee rocommend a settlement in accordance therewith. Sigued by John P. Kirk, John Terns and P. O. Sherwood, the membersof the committee. The next morniug Mayor Wells filed a Dotioe with the city clerk to the effect that he should veto suoh action.


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