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Milán has 12 seorefc sooieties, with a population of only 996, and the Leader braga over it. We begin to understand now, something about that ladder business and poker talk tbat the Leader has been coruinontiag upou lately. The Ann Arbor Democratsays "Winter is here." Probably that's because Mrs. Snow has filed a bilí for divorce there last week from Wm. Snow, for drunkenuess. Sbe tried to prevent a Snow fall in November, and conldn't. Winter is here. Last Snuday evening Rev. T. p. Hutohinson, of Milau, had for his subject "Plenty of room." The nuniber present afforded hirn ampie poportunity to illnstrate his mean ing by practical esample. though he intended to give Milán people a pointer that with the present ontlook, there would be plenty of room in the golden city if it were not crowcied with a larger representation thau would be seen from Milan, Anu Arbor aud Jackson Hudson now has a telephone exchauge with quite a circuit oí subscribers, and they jahber away over the line in an eostacy of newly acquired delight. They begiu by saying "Helio" and then work a long same as elsewhere. "Say, did you - yes I ge-whooh yes, on the- hellow there oentral - wasron run on-i say Brown has - are you tbrongh? Can'tyon give me the depot--what's the matter, are yon asleep? - al] right go ahead - eh, what, oh yes send up he dee-ud, well wouldn't that skin- two did you say? all right will- why 5 :15 if she on time, but who is that - what?- What- helio! helio- oh hell-o."


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