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It has jusfc leaked out over here how Kentucky happened to go republi oan. Captain Allen was eDgaged t( make speeches a littlesouth of the mid die of Ohio aud Kentnojjy heard hirn. The captain is an effeotive speaker. Since a time to whioh'the memory ol man runneth not back, John Gunn, oi Ypsilanti, has been in ths employ oí the Central railroad without a rest. Gnnn hasnowgone off yet has not been discharged. He is in Chicago on a vacation. A Dundee beef-murderer has had oon3tructed a wagon on which to draw fat cattle into town instead of chasing them in on a wild race at the end of a rope withcoat-tailsflying. Thesanriflce is invited to step into a oage built near the ground,takes alikin& to it andrides to the slaughter with pride and dignity. The official four years' term of Postmaster Carpenter, of Yspilanti, will expire next Febrnary. Capt. F. P. Bogardus is the only man in sight as Carpenter's heir. The captain gets in, late in the history of the present administratiou. Aud this reoalls a sight ouoe witnessed in an ap artment occupied by Adrián medical students. Fastened against the wall stood a grin uing skeleton, the skull ornamentad with a peaked cap, the shonlders with an old ooat. A cob-pipe prutruded from the jaws and a red ribbon, once the Reynolds badge of total abstinence pinnerl to the coat, bore the legend, "Better late than never. " The whole state of Michigan has its ini.nth open with a grin that displays its doublé grinders, at the tricky falsity of a false tooth cnstonier of a Lansing dentist. The customer was a Jady . The dentist let her put the teeth in to try whether they would flt. They did, and the fair customer gave hirn a smile that disclosed a beautiful row of pearl enatnels she disappeared without settling the bill. The dentist had her arrested for stealing, but the lady árgued that the teeth should be fitted as ■vvell as extracted without payiu. "The month carpenter"deolared that her conduct was altogether "tooth in," henee the arrest. A justice jury could not agree, and the woman still keeps the teeth and the dentist gnashes his jaws.


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