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Robert J. Burdette Coming

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rnere are a lew numorists wrio never grow tiresome, bnt on tbe contrary grow riper in their humor and dearer to the reader as they grow older. No better exemplification of this fact is beforo the American people than genial Bob Burdette, whofromthe Burlington Hawkeye years ago went on to Brooklyn and the east. His humor ha so mnch of human nature, so much of the flavor rf trntb and every day life tbat he never grows tiresome. Nye's exaggerations are very funriy, bnt he makes no pretense to being frne to life, and tliere are times when bis hútnot sounds as if written on a contract tofill space Burrletre never turas anything loóse upon his Amerioan public; which has not the' trne ring aud whinh does not contüin real inerit. The fact that Mr. Bardette will lecture in the Y. M. O. A. December 1!) should be hailed with delight by all persons who eujoy clean and pure and charaoteristically American humor.


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