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The Trouble In Cuba

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Washington, Deo. 5.- SeveraJ petitions for the recognición of tho Cu a,n insurgents were offered in tho senato, and Squire, in introduuing a bilí for fortificatiun of Atlantic, Paeiñc and lako ports, said tho senate was being asked to extond reeognition to Cuban belligerents and to flrmly roasserC Che Monroo doctrine. "Wo are talking of the90 ni'tters a3 though vo had a chip on our shoulders," ho addod, "and we go along in blissful ignorance or in actron as to the unfortiíied condition of our ports." Hoar of Massachusetts offered tho following: "BesolTed, That the 8enate will support the president in the most vigorous action ho 111117 douin ílc to tako for tho protection and security of American citizens in Turkey, and to obtain redress for injuries eommitted upon such citizens there. "Resolved, That the president be desired to mako known to tho government of Turkey the strong feeling oí regret and inignation with which tho people of America have hoarJ of the injuries inllicted upon persons of tho Christian faith in Turkey, and that tho American people cannot be expected to view with iudilferenee any ropeLition or ontinuancc of sucli wrongs." The resolution went to the oommitteo on foreign relations.


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