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A GARANT OFFER! EDfEE" MME. A. RÜPPERT'S ,=K= MME. A. RUPPERT jfcsfj i says: '"1 nppreciato tlioííict ??-iO' 'íiíi that thore are mnny thou(WaKlicKsEBS SKndsof]adiesinthiünüea yMftaffilMtsiSS StatesthatwcmldlikeOtry y"1 VgL myVv'oria-IienowneilFACB ■.SasiSSl 9W Bleach: lut have been 2bTj 3 kept from öoing so on aeüSWa L, jaK1" countof prio'-, JMBEk.5. grjf perbotile'jr3iottie8tfti;en i"K?5x F'mS? together, $5.00. In order fií 'm" BiÊL that aI ' cf tbse niay bare "üSlai %?( Bnopi-'OrtTinity, 1 will givu Sl ' toevery cnller, obsolutelí n "v; freo, a suaiple bottle, an-í í?x X 2v.:iorrterto8upp!ythoseut - - __y of city.or in any pñitof íbí) worM.IwiUsend Ibsafeïy pockedin p!; , uilcbarffesprepaící, for25 ceuts, sil ver or stamp." In everyeaaeof frekle, blmples.moth, aalÏ owncss, bJack he;Ki . rt íf ;c,e?.en;a,ti 1 iress neefljOr ny díecólorntion or disoaseot tl - .■ ' ■ i trtá wrinkJes Criot oaimod bT fitoial espr Facb Blkach removes Bbsolntely. It ?. coTer I lích do, bwt íb ü caro. Aticirosï 5SA.i.-viriE a. HTDrrr!i';ir,(Srpl.o.) No. Ö EaPt . i,'-! t., WEVV YORK CITY. Ife.. Send for a Ctll n 1G73 ■.tion o f TH IS öULU Ib 10 v FAMousn in unno BkBEED, U. 1. ü. nUlra fejrrh1chWwOeiShed FDB BREEQING PUBPDSE5 W'mS 2806 Ihs. IN 1894. I yy First applicant from each local - ÊÊI ity can have a pair on time Pagency an l. B. Silver Co., Cleveland, O. ■uï-iii G2 o ■ w ! Ü -o ■! Pi ;I g II (f s s h .i á i ! g 5 II l I 15 2 Ir -3 1 ï 8 -:iï t tí b m á l i iï S i II I ■ I ; I DANGEROÜS GROCERIES are 'así to bny íind hard to de'ect. But (rood groceries are f ully as easy 10 buy if youonly kiinw wbere as danirerous ones, an'i the groceries that We are in tbe habitof dealinu' out are not ODly pood, but you'll kuow they are good on the very first trial. That'stlm trial we want you to give them. After the tria) your verdiot vfill be the siniijlc word 'best" or the slmplor word "more" and yo.11 vïill get more as othersdo. STAEPLER & CO., Phone 141. 41 S. Main St EISENBARTH LIVER PILLS Will stimulate a sluggish system into healthy action. MANN'S DRUG STORE, 39 S. Main Street. HE White Tokay The Best for all Purposes, MANN BROS., Druggists, 3e S. Main St. - ANN ARBOR


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