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Horrible Confession

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Fobt Waynk, Dec. 5.- John C. Stone, alias "Vinson," has made a confession to Sheriff Clausmeior detailing a Ufe of horrible crime. He was arrested with John Duffy, alias '"Fingere," and William Walrath for attempting to kill Deputy Sheriff Harrod May 2H last. Walrath was shot aiU died in Hope hospital. Stone is under a ten years' sentencie and Duffy's case went to the jury. Stone tulls thut he and Walrath were inembers of Bill Dalton's western gang of bank and stago robbors. I He says he, Duffy and Walrath killed a 1 man at Kansas .City in 1883, robbed Mm, ! hut later gave the swag to Henry Don; nelly, a policeman, for protection. He also tclls of a murder comraitted by him1 self, a Mrs. Stewart and her son Claroace i in Cleveland, O. The body was cut to picces and thrown into Lake Erie. The I ncxt morning Clarence and Stone killed a boy in the Big Four yard in Linville. Harry F. Lawrenoe, a pickpocket, and Stone worked Chicago for months and flnally the latter stole a tray of diamonds from a State strect jewelor and left the city. In Buffalo Stone, Walrath and one Barns, a salooukeeper, killed a wealthy western farmer who was looking for i good time. The money was divided and : Stone and Walrath returnod to Chicago and with fcheir share started a restaurant at 4-40 State street. Herc Walrath married Scone's sister and they lived at 419 Washington boulevard. Mrs. Walrach died and Stone and Walrath left Chicago Later Stone returned and was implicatet in the murder of a father and son namec Prunty. Three men are now serving life sentences at Joliet for the criuie, but stnno was not arrested. He then tells of a murder at Dunkirk N. Y., where Duffy stabbed a pal, "Buf falo Jack," f our times and buried him ia tha woods. Another murder was com mitted at Union Uity, Pa., tho victim bo lng an oíd man named Horton, or Nor ton. Another mulder was committod by the trio near Youngstown, O., tho victim being a resident of Ashtabula. The las murder committod by Stone, Duffy and Walrath was on April 2, 1895, on a Penn ylvania freight train. At thU time Stone was shot and did not get medical aid untü South Bond was rcached. The next desperate act of the trio was the robbery of a Grand Trunk train in Michigan, where flve watches and money were secured. Two of these watches have been identifled since thcir arrest here.


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