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The Haunted Kitchen

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Out in the neighborhood of Iowa cir:1e lives a government clork who has grown gray in the services of his country, and with his gray hairs have gradually crept up in hirii several ills that flesh is heir to, ainong others an 1 gional touch of insomnia. Insomnia breeds irritability, and his irritabiljty had been stirred to its lowest depths by inability to get a satisfactory hired girl, but a month or so ago he was fortúnate : enough to get a "settled woman," who was pretty near perfection. She was a good cook, staid ín nights except when her "s'ciety" niet, and in other ways was a model. Abont once a month the oblong piece of buff colored paper that was slipped under the basement door by the gasinan would bring a frown to 5Ïr. 's brow, bnt he would only caution the hired giil to turn down the gas when not u.sing it. A few nights ago a "s'ciety" meeting had called the giil out bef ore she fini.shed woshing the dinner dishes, and she hadn't returned when the family retired for the night. Mr. had a protracted interview with hia enemy, Ihe sleep killer, the same night and could find uo rest. In I vain he thought over all his misdeeds and counled 100 backward and forward several times. Sleep wouldn't come, so, after tossing about uutil long after midnight, he finally got np and sat at the windovf. Happening to look down into the yard, he eaw a streak of light glinting from the basement ghutters, and he thotjght of burglars. Creeping Etealthily down the stairs, he heard dishes, so he went back up to his room. Chen he got mad at this wanton waste of gas, and going to the speaking tube yelled, "Put out that gas and go to )edl" It was the first time there had ieen an occasion to use the tube since the new girl came, and she hadn't been utroduced to it before. A smothered exciamation m the kuchen, thenoise of a chairknockedover and jans rattling to the floor vvere followed )y a scurrying np stairs, three steps ata time, and tho badly scared colored ivon gathered lier few belongings in her i vuia and made a rush for the front door. Mr. tried to intercept her, but she was thoroughly frigh tened and wouldn't stop. "Lemme go, boss; lemrae go. I wouldn't work heah any mo' fer all the money in the treasury. I was washin the dishes dowu stairs jes' now and a lond voice come right throngh the tin pan I was jes' hangin np, and it said, 'Put out dat gas and go to h - !' I know this house is haunted, and I wouldn't work heah any mo' for nuffin. " And she wouldn't. The next eveuing in the "want" column of The Star was an j ad. for a settled colored woman to do housework np at sonie hundred and


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