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One Girl's Experience

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She had beeu to a party the iiight be ïore, aud sbe was lookiugcorresponding ly pale, tired and interestiug. Wbeu ] saw her she had jnst eaten a beartj breakfast. "Did you have a good time ]as1 Dight?" I inquired, beaming atherwitt tny best sruile. "No, I didu't," she said ehortly. "Why. dear? Don't you have plenty jf partners?" "Oh, yes. of conrse. Bnt Vve discovjred one thing (looking very wise and important), aud that is, that the uicest men either can 't dance or won 't dance. They stand aronnd aiiffl look bored, while sve pooi girls have to waJtz with the ïlowns. They are spleudid partners, bnt they 're snch dmniuies aside from thoir dancing. In between dances time drags hornbly. Oi)e say.s the suin.e old things to each man: 'Do you like to dance, Mr. Stupid? Really? How mteresting? 11 'Nice floor. isn'tit? Yes, snch a pretty ballroom The hostess is sweet, isn't she? Soch a delightful home too, - etc. , ad nauseam "Tlicn if a girl does get a sensible, bright fellow to ask her to dance this ia what happens. " She threw open her closet door and brought out the finery which had been woru the flight before The tulle ruffle aronnd the bottom was torn into rags and the tips of the white satin slippers had been trodden upon tillnone of their original puricy of color remained. "Did you go to the circus?" asked the girl irrelevantly. "Yes," responded I, wondering what that led up to. "Then yon saw the elephants dance a quadrille. Didn't they do it well? I am sure that half the partners I have don't dance half as v.'ell as those grrat big, silly looking eJephnnts. A man who walks on onu's gown, treads on one's toes, tears one's üounces and smashes one's fan is sure to be a college professor. And the fellow who waltes divinely and can twestep like aa angel is certain to be a brainless dolt. Write that on your bloorners for future reference," aud this flippant youug person began darning her ball dress with seemingly needless


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