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Two Views Of The Water Question

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The Ann Arbor Milhug Oompany is out with an iujunction to restraiu the water oompany from interfering with a prior and long standing act of the Alinighty, ordering that Hnron river should run down hill, instead of being sncked up aud distriboted throngh the pipes of said water company, to a cornrnunity that uses at rnost too little of the fluid. The milling oompany claims that at least six million barrels of water are annually drawu away from their mili, whioh for want of power cannot run. It is undentood that if the injunction is marntained, the farmers around there will ask the court to restrain Ann Arbor from breathing, on the ground that the air is sucked away from their windmills and they cannot pump water for their stock. - Monroe Democrat. The Ann Arbor Milling Co. files a bilí in chancery, to prevent the water works company from taking water ou1 of the river and to prevent getting it out of river wells, that tap the foantain that go to niake the river, when the democrats are not shedding tears enough to keep up the fiow. The milling company don't seem to want the earth, but they desire pretty much everything olse on it or beneath it. Do they expect the water works people are going to give the people, rnilk, or lager beer for their aqueous supply. Or do thoy expeot them to tap Lake Hnrou? Srill ïf tbe water of the stream is "(iiverterV eo as to make your spring water, the Milling Co. will stand a pretty a;ood chance of makiug the cuy go thirsty. -


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