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Monroe Doctrine From The Democrat

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Wrn. A. Ely,a nniversity "lit" played i'ootball, at Tarrytown, N. ir. His breast bone was dislocated and the tendons ruptured, but that was all, and he is filled with envy as he reads of the Wiscousin player whose neck was broken. Dr. Frank Feil, who went to India froin New Boston, as a missionary, sends home information that he recently traveled a round trip of 500 miles to have a tooth extractad A sure cure for toothaohe is to fill the inouth with colj water and sit on the stove till it boils. A dog fight that had been arranged for last Saturday night was stopped by Marshall Peterson. - Ann Arbor Courier. And disappointed the other brutes who assembled to witness the fight. The marshall should be prosecuted for orulety to auimals. It was just like that man, Peterson. Inquiry is made concerning the best method of destroying typhoid germs in drinking water. Answer: - If in Ann Arbor, boil it; if in Adrián, bake it. "Fifty new chicks are being nursed by a Manchester chicken raiser, " says au eschauge. Ten to one they will develope as roosters. Why don 't he feod thein dough, instead of Rey. C. M. Cobern, of Ann Arbor, well known as an explorer of the pyramids, was last week suddenly aroused from crytological interpretations and Ramesesic reveries, by the first huzza of his latest son, who will undertake to teach bim that there is an aotive transitivo present as well as a mummyfied past. Milán has one are light which in being lowered the other day and broke. Milanites now grope iu the dark and have excuses to kiss other men's wives upon the supposition that they are their own. - Anu Arbur Argus. No. Snch a thing happened in Ann Arbor once, but in Milan they blaze away, unhampered with the couventional fabrications aud genteel hypocrioies of the seat of learning. When a dog runs away with a girl's muff, can anyone blame her if she tries to recover it? - School Notes, Milan Leader. Dogmatically speaking, she has no right to pursue the animal, as to do so might excite him and bring on heart disease and probable death, in which case the owner could bring action for the loss of the dog. She may huwever sue the ov, ner for the muff. "A falsehood tenaciously adhered to is as good as the truth itself, is evidently the motto of the Argus, "remaiks the Ann Arbor Courier. If it is, the Argus should be prosecuted for infringment of a republican copyright. As well might a democrat profane the temple of protection and steal the high tariff god, as to apprupriate the methods that a year ago wheeled the state into the jaws of a three million dollar state tax legislature.


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